Winter Solstice

Today marks the Winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere. Even though my body finds the colder months to be not as friendly as it ages, I still look forward to this solstice each year. It’s the perfect time for introspection, as after the longest night of the year, there is a return of more light with each passing day. It marks new beginnings to come, and we are now in the getting ready phase.

The themes of introspection during the dark time of the year center around what we may need to heal, nurture, and release in order to make the most of the return to life which comes in the Spring. It’s a great time to set new things in motion, and examine the paths we are on. One of the hardest challenges we face when it comes to starting something new is in the letting go of what no longer works. It can feel soul wrenching to let go of something which once worked and no longer does, or maybe to have to let go of an illusion of what never truly worked in the first place (which can be one of the hardest things to acknowledge). Just remember that all has served a purpose in the deep learning we all undergo in order to reach higher levels in our being and happiness. The release of what is no longer working is what gives us room to become an even better version of ourselves.

No matter what type of changes enter our lives, intentional or circumstantial it can be difficult as we become comfortable, even when something isn’t working. So, take this dark time to go within. Meet the challenges of aligning with starting something new. It can be in one or several areas of life that one can see the need for either completely changing something, or finding a new approach. This deep, soul-level work is well worth it despite our natural inclination to resist change.

There’s no better time to find ourselves, make new discoveries, and put ourselves into alignment with our most authentic selves. This deep dive isn’t only about letting go, and the pain which can come along with it. It’s a great opportunity to tune in and listen to the clues we are always getting about the wonderful things we really want to do. It can be anything at all, as we are each on our own journey. Just be on the lookout for those clues that create the happy little hum you feel in your core, which tells you that you are on the right track, and plan to make those things happen!

Wishing you all a wonderful Winter Solstice, and many blessings as the light returns more with each passing day!


Happy Beltane

I’ve still been a bit out of touch spiritually, so Beltane snuck up on me! This day of the year marks the midway point between Spring and Summer and is a joyous time in which we celebrate life. The warming of the earth, fertility, and growth of this time of year not only awakens the trees and flowers, but it is also a time of more vitality for us humans too. It’s a coming together of masculine and feminine energies, which is very beneficial and potent when it comes to stepping into fully balanced power and harmony.

Another thing about Beltane is that it’s a day of the year in which the veil is thin. At Samhain (Halloween), the veil is very thin between the worlds of the living and the dead, while at Beltane, the veil between our world and that fairy realm is said to be at its thinnest. It’s a good day to soak in the energies of the blossoming fertile earth and celebrate it by enjoying the greening up of plant life and bountiful spring blooms. An important way to honor this day, in addition to appreciating our plant life and fertile soils, is fire. A bonfire is ideal, but for those who do not have the space to do that, something as simple as a candle to honor our strengthening sun with fire is just fine.

Even though I wasn’t aware of Beltane’s approach, something was stirring in my soul as I sat down with my art journal twice in the past handful of days (which is another thing I’ve been out of touch with) and did a few primitive sketches. My skills are rusty, but I’m sharing them anyway because I’m so happy to be getting back into it, plus I am a fan of primitive art, and because of how appropriate they are to mark Beltane.

How much more Beltane can it get? 😉
I call this one inner wisdom, due to the unplanned owl integrated into her body. The candle…Beltane much?

Have a wonderful Beltane everyone! See you next time.