Creative Work This Week

I’ve had a pretty creative week, which is something that hasn’t happened in a while. Things have been so busy otherwise over the last several months ┬áthat my visual creative practice had fallen by wayside. It feels good to have two finished projects to share with all of you.

This week I decided to experiment with a new painting technique. For a first run, I’m pretty happy with the result. I’ll be playing with this method more. It’s fun and messy. What else can a girl ask for? Other other than the painting, I finished my first scarf for the homeless for this year. Photos of both projects are below.


Most Recent Artwork

Below are a few photos of two of my latest paintings. The first, called “Molten Sky” was done a few weekends ago when I went to take a watercolor class with a woman who I’ll definitely be taking more classes with. The second, called “Falling Abstraction” is one I did about a week or so ago. Both pieces are done using watercolor.

The final photo in today’s post will be of a pair of toddler shoes/slippers which I knitted a little while back.

Art Fall 2014 001

Art Fall 2014 005

October 1 including SS statement 008