Haiku ~ Warm?

Sunshine in Winter

Looks warm, but is it really?

Could be a facade


The Council

Sisters In The Shadows

Late last night I went for a walk. I wanted to see who was roaming around. You see, it was the night before Halloween, and the four of us were on patrol duty this year for three days. We decided to meet at the park.

The council was in charge of protecting the young ones. It was ok to give them a little scare, so the mummy, ghosts and the shape shifters were approved. Even Dracula was alright as long as he stayed in his bat form.

I got to the park first and looked around and so far everything was quiet. Deciding to use the big oak tree, I flew up to the top and I could see what looked like a few ghosts. We could check them out later and see if they had their permits. Tabitha and her daughter Eva were coming around the corner by theā€¦

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Invitation to Sisters In The Shadows

I am a day late to invite all of you to come on over to Sisters In The Shadows for our month-long Halloween spookfest. Each year myself and a few others team up to bring you scary and/or weird stories, poetry, and art each day for the month of October.

So, all of you who are fans of the creepy and weird, please come for a visit!


Happy reading!