I’m Back

I have spent the last several hours writing an upcoming post, which I will warn you now is on the long winded side. I’ll post it sometime soon to share with all of you what has been happening that has kept me out of sight for so long. It’s been A LOT, which is why it’ll be such a long one. I don’t know how much I’ll be posting for a while to come, but it feels good to see myself being able to write and create more in the not so distant future.

Today’s post is just a quick hello, and to let you know that I’m looking forward to the ability to write and create more soon(ish). I do not expect that too many will read the upcoming post due to the length, and that’s perfectly okay. Just felt like being more open and transparent about what has been going on that I think I ever have, which is probably why I am writing this post instead of just publishing that one. It is a little anxiety inducing to write with as much candor when it comes to my personal life, but I will be posting it. In the meantime, I hope to be here more often, and that some of the people who used to be here might still be around!

Take care ❤


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