Neurographic Art Finished

I have finished my first piece of neurographic art. Decided to go with some watercolor. As you can see in some areas, the marker wanted to bleed. Before I do this again, I’ll have to do a test of them to see which brand it is, so that I can leave those out or at least not use watercolor. This was loads of fun, and super relaxing! I’ll be back with more as I do it. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you in the new year!


Neurographic Art Part Three

It has taken a while to get back to work on my first attempt at neurographic art, but I finally sat down this morning and filled it in some more. As the ink dries, I’m already thinking of what will come next. It’ll be an experiment for sure! I’m pretty sure that the next step will finish this one off. There will be more of this type of art coming. I’ve enjoyed playing with this, and look forward to really getting the feel for it.

Neurographic Art Part Two

Today, I sat down and worked a little more on my first neurographic art piece. Below is a pic of how it’s coming along. I am really digging doing this, and can see myself doing more as time goes by. The time just flies by when doing art like this, and I had forgotten just how much fun I have getting creative projects. The next step will probably finishing this one, as I think I’ve added all the other elements that I want to. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!