This Week’s Creative Projects

This week, I’ve been able to work on and finish a few creative projects. The first is another mandala, which was inspired by Julie Gibbons’ free 5 Days of Mandala Magic workshop. The second is a dream board made for this month’s full moon which was a few days ago.


Monday Is For Monster…Of Course

Over the weekend, I finally had a chance to play around with my new markers. Last month for 29 Faces, I started creating monsters in graphite. Ever since, I’ve been waiting to get hold of some markers and have the time to play. Below are photos of one of those original monsters, and the new one in color from Sunday. This was fun, which is just what I needed. You can expect more in the future.

29 Faces ~ Days 4-8

Below are photos of five more sketches for 29 Faces which is being hosted by Ayala Art. Now I’m all caught up and can slow down the pace here a little. It was definitely a challenge sketching four faces per day over the last two days on top of my other projects. No complaints though, it was fun, despite my procrastination.

Whimsical Wednesday ~ 29 Faces

My enabling (and I say that in a good way) friend sent me an email, reminding me that Ayala Art was hosting another 29 faces in September. I decided to participate almost a full week after the first of the month, so admittedly I’m playing catch up. Even though I am cramming the first week’s sketches into a few days, I’ll only be posting the sketches twice a week anyway. This is because I like the themes of my Monday, Tuesday, and Friday posts and have never really been a fan of posting multiple times a day. So, I’m going to fit a few sketches into the Whimsical category and the rest will go onto Thursday’s posts which have yet to be themed anyway. This week’s sketches are edging into a more Halloween/creepy territory. It seems as though October comes earlier for me every year. I’m not saying that all Whimsical Wednesday sketches this month will be on the creepy or weird side, but chances are good. Below are the first three which were done hurriedly, so that I could catch up. Hopefully I can put a little more time into some of these later on this month, but I’ll be happy if I can just keep up. No matter what, I just had to do this again. It’s too much fun! (Any excuse to play with art :P)



Whimsical Wednesday~Art Play

As I walked from the bedroom into the living room yesterday morning, a phrase just popped into my mind. Hey, I’m a writer. It happens all the time. So, the words came into my mind and I almost ignored them,  but I liked the phrase so much that I had to jot them down to use in the future. Well, I wrote them down and next thing I know, I’m pulling out art supplies. Below is the result of that little flash of inspiration.