Like The Tide

In the night, we left this place and drove to the sea

Arriving to a full moon floating over the gentle waves

Like something out of a dreamlike game sequence

So beautiful and ethereal, everything seemed almost unreal

The scene had us in an awestruck state of bliss

Oceanfront oasis with a wall of windows and giant fluffy bed

Facing the moonlit sea, loving one another to the rhythm of the surf

As the sky began to lighten, we moved to the wall of windows

Opening one to fill our already flooded senses with the sound and smell

Of the briny excitement of the purple sky and rushing water

Your arms around me as we stood by the window taking it in

Were all too real as we watched and listened, lips meeting now and then

Until the sun came up over the horizon and the scene faded out of existence

With the ebbing tide, leaving me to wake up in my usual spot

All of it left behind, hopefully to be revisited another night

What a delightful scene to have to vacate in lieu of a rainy day spent in a waiting room.


60 Days Of Haiku ~ Days 59 & 60

Well, I did it! In order to start December with a clean slate, I combined days 50 and 60 in one post. I hope that all of you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Lily Of The Valley

Sweet little white bells

Dangle so delicately

Blooms of the fairies



Chipmunks scampering

They play in the fallen leaves

Running to and fro