Tarot of the Day ~ May 3, 2016

Today’s card is from the Mystic Faerie Tarot by Barbara Moore.  After the important nature of the card that I drew yesterday, I decided to draw one for today too. Yesterday’s card was the 7 of Cups, and today’s is the 8 of Cups. There’s definitely a theme here.

Eight of Cups

After yesterday’s card which urged us to do some deep soul searching to make a decision, today’s card affirms that choice. Whatever it is in your heart that you know your choice to be, it is time to start putting plans in motion. This is one of those times that if we deny moving toward our true deep dreams and desires, we will always wonder what could have been. Be brave at this time and take a leap of faith because the likelihood of allowing self doubt or fear to cause you to give up before you allow yourself the chance to succeed is very high.


Tarot of the Day ~ May 2, 2016

Today’s card is from the Mystic Faerie Tarot by Barbara Moore.

Seven of Cups

Drawing the Seven of Cups indicates that you are facing important choices. These options may have been in front of you for a while, but the time has come to look at them with the eyes of your heart in order to dispel any confusion. It is time to pick one. While it isn’t always easy to make crucial decisions, often when we look deep within, we already know what our choice is. Now is not the time for wishful thinking or illusions, because to deny ourselves what we know to be our truth can bring about long lasting negative consequences.

Card Of The Day ~ July 31, 2015


You may feel as though things are at a standstill right now. In some aspect of your life, it may seem as though you are stuck or that progress has halted. This could even be the case with your life in general. If you look at the image on the card, you will see the bear hibernating inside the cave, which is a sleeping figure on the frozen landscape. Sometimes we need hibernation periods…times in which we sit in stillness. These dormant times can either be much needed rest periods or possibly times in which things are happening behind the scenes which will lead us to the next level or onto another path completely. As frustrating as these times can be, remind yourself that nothing lasts forever, let yourself go with it, and take the opportunity to care for yourself a little more until things start moving again.

Card of the Day ~ July 28, 2015

Today’s card is from the “Shapeshifter Tarot”.


If you’ve been feeling as though things have been a little bit stale lately, that’s about to change. Those who have been wishing for a new opportunity should keep their eyes open, for one is about to present itself. This is not going to be a day for procrastination when it comes to making decisions or taking action. For some, the energy of today might feel uncomfortable due to rapid moving events, thoughts, or feelings. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, allow yourself to take a short breather to gather your wits. As soon as you’ve calmed down, allow yourself act according to what your gut instinct is telling you is going to serve you well.

Card of the Day ~ July 26, 2015


The passage card indicates a potential for a rapid solution to a problem. It can also foretell of travel of some kind. If you’ve been looking for inspiration, it just might come to you today. Personal growth is highlighted, so tune in to your intuition in order to find your way to something new…whether it be a new situation entirely or simply a new approach to an old one.

Card of the Day ~ July 25, 2015



This is a perfect card for a Saturday. Today’s energy will be conducive to peace and relaxation, which is most welcome after some of the intensity experienced earlier this week. Do the best that you can to carve out time to consciously foster these positive feelings. Doing so can assist you in attaining more of what you desire in your life in the days to come, including attracting the right people to you.

Card of the Day ~ July 24, 2015


This message of this card is every bit as dynamic as the image on it. Today is going to be a fantastic day to reach for the stars, as long as you stay balanced as you pursue your passions. You can master the principle of manifestation today, in a big way. Feel free to do things differently than the usual ways which haven’t been working so well for you, and step into a position of more power. Release the fears that have been holding you back. One thing to keep in mind however, is that there is a big difference between going for it and being careless or cocky.