Tarot for the Week of April 3-9, 2016

This week’s cards are from the Mystic Faerie Tarot by Barbara Moore and artist Linda Ravenscroft.

The first card is the Four of Swords:

Four of Swords

The Four of Swords indicates that you might be starting your week feeling overwhelmed by a life situation. Mental exhaustion isn’t conducive to effectively handling things. Take a break from it and rest. You can guarantee that whatever it is will still be there waiting for you when you come back to it refreshed. Who knows you may even have an epiphany as you sleep.

The second card is the Knight of Wands:

Knight of Wands

The image on the Knight of Wands card shows a strong and determined looking warrior. She is waiting for a task to be given to her. She is so poised and ready that it is apparent that she won’t be kept waiting for long.

The third card is the Priestess:

The Priestess

The Priestess charges us of the task of figuring out what we value the most. The answers that we seek can be found by completely immersing ourselves in those things that we value. As you can see by the image, the Priestess is planted firmly, yet calmly and peacefully in her spot, waiting for clarity. Connect with what matters to you in the ways that work for you, whether through meditation, prayer, sitting at your altar, spending time in nature, hanging out with your family-the choice is yours.


The early part of this week might find you feeling taxed by a situation that you’ve been dealing with for a while and feel as though you haven’t the energy to deal with it any longer. For the time being, don’t. Step away from it so that the tension and confusion around it can give way to finding a solution later.

The Knight of Wands has shown up to show you that you’re ready for an important task of some kind. The Priestess coming in behind her indicates what the task is, and I love this. Oftentimes, we’ll have a feeling or be given a message such as having an important task, then have to figure out what it means. Not so this week.

The task being handed to us is to steep ourselves in the things that matter to us most. The Priestess is wise and has a deep connection to herself and the world. The connections are so deep that the lines which normally separate a person from the different aspects of self as well as the rest of all that is begin to fade. Take the time to settle in and deeply integrate all of these things by immersing yourself as fully as you can in the things that matter to you deeply. Listen closely later in the week, because the answers and wisdom you’ve been seeking will naturally begin to flow.

Tarot for the Week ~ March 27 – April 2, 2016

The reading is a little late this week. Next week’s should be back to it’s normal time of very early morning on Sunday.

The cards this week are from the Mystic Faerie Tarot by Barbara Moore and artist Linda Ravenscroft.

The first card is the Knave of Swords:

Knave of Swords

The Knave of Swords represents an intelligent and confident person who tends to act on things quickly, without feeling the need to overthink or have an expert grasp of their undertakings. This card can also represent a message about your current circumstances.

The second card is The World:

The World

The World represents the completion or near completion of an important task. Take your time in savoring the moment. When we take on and finish something that matters to us, the feeling is precious so do not be in a major rush to move on to the next task. If this is not representative of you, and you haven’t come to the end of a major undertaking, it is time to begin thinking about things you’d like to accomplish.

The third card is the Ace of Wands:

Ace of Wands

This card signals the need to start something new. It does not mean that you are quite ready to jump right in. The Ace of Wands is about gaining a clear vision of your goal and making sure that you are ready to pursue it mentally and physically. Think of this as the planning stage.


Each card in this reading speaks of important tasks and reaching goals. For some, there has been a recent milestone which deserves a little time for savoring the moment and satisfaction before jumping into planning your next great adventure. Be sure to take a small pause to appreciate your accomplishment.

All of us however, are urged this week to put some thought into what we desire to accomplish next. Once the vision is clear, take time to figure out how to pursue your goal. Can you do it alone? Will you need help? Is it something which you are truly passionate about?

This is the time to plan your strategy and be sure that you are ready to make something happen. If you have a tendency to dive into things impulsively, you may wish to do things a little differently this time around and take some time preparing. Next week will be soon enough to begin setting your plans into motion.


Tarot for the Week of March 20 – 26, 2016

The cards this week are from the Mystic Faerie Tarot by Barbara Moore and artist Linda Ravenscroft.

The first card is the Ten of Cups:

Ten of Cups

You can see the look of peace and happiness on the faces of the faeries on this card. If you find yourself feeling similar, be sure to be thankful for it. If you aren’t yet in this position, understand that a life of peace and contentment takes effort on the part of those seeking it. Many of us sometimes feel as though there are some people to whom this just comes and feel resentful, envious, or self pity. While it does just happen on very rare occasions, most often it comes as a result of work and careful tending on the part of the one to whom it comes.

The second card is Judgement:


This card is a signal that the time has come to closely look at our lives and consider our direction. It lets us know that there is something that we should be doing which would be very different than what we are doing currently. Whatever it is would not only make a difference in our own lives, but in that of the world around us. This is an opportunity for great spiritual growth. While the name of this card is Judgement, it isn’t to be taken as a message that you aren’t good enough. It is an invitation to let the ego drop a bit and truly listen for the guidance which is being lovingly given to you.

The third card is The Empress:

The Empress

You may find yourself receiving an answer that you’ve been seeking, and it may not exactly be the one you were hoping for. At first, the answer may seem to be almost impossible or perhaps damaging. Sometimes the truth doesn’t have an initial feel of ease, but it is always for our highest good. The image on this card shows an abundant scene which is full of nurturing, mother energy. Remember that part of the wisdom of the love of a mother is knowing just how much to accept or give. Sometimes it is possible to give to the detriment of the one we seek to help, including ourselves. At other times, it is possible that we accept things or do things which we know in our hearts that we shouldn’t. This can be tricky ground, because while it is important to be kind and loving-there is a difference between loving and enabling, avoiding what we know to be true, or in the worst instances allowing abuse. This is a wonderful card which reminds us that practicing love with wisdom is the best way to go, even when it may not be the most easy. It opens the way to a life which allows us to drop illusions and move into one with more genuine ease.


This week should see the confusion of last week leaving. The energy of this week will be positive, especially in the big picture. I am seeing these cards coming together as a combination of a gentle view into the reality of our lives, and guidance to help us to do what needs to be done to live our most content and peaceful life. It could be very uncomfortable for some of us to move back from our egos. This is what must be done in order to see the truth and know what actions we should take. When we do this, we attain a life that fosters real love and harmony in our lives. This reading seems perfect to me as we enter Spring because it truly is an opportunity for new beginnings.  For those who are paying attention to the various energies under discussion in spiritual circles, the time really has come for us to take action in moving in what we know to be the right direction individually and collectively.

Remember one thing as you go about this week. No matter what choices are made and which actions are taken, it will have an impact. While it may cause a reaction in others, it might not be the one you had wished for. This doesn’t mean that you have done something wrong (only you know the truth here), it just means that perhaps things weren’t as you had thought or wished them to be. When you move forward in love, even when it is the type of love which isn’t easy to practice, you can’t go wrong.

Wishing you a week filled with courage and blessings ❤


Tarot for the Week of March 13 – 19, 2016

The cards this week are from the Mystic Faerie Tarot by Barbara Moore and artist Linda Ravenscroft.

The first card is The Chariot:

The ChariotThis card asks that we look at the issues which seem to be causing a dilemma that we find ourselves in. Much of the time, we tend to look at situations with the belief that there is always an either this or that, but not both choice to be made. The image on the card shows the driver of the chariot taking control of the reigns of these two opposing birds and steering them in the direction that she wishes to go.

The second card is Strength:


The Strength card indicates that there may be some fear and uncertainty over what action should be taken next. The image on this card shows the closeness between this particular faery and the dragon. It is a symbol that we are to reconnect with our inner strength and find the courage to move toward what our deepest desires call us to.

The third is is the Eight of Swords:

Eight of Swords

This card depicts the faerie wrapped tight in a briar branch, indicating feelings of being stuck or trapped with no way out. Before these feelings can dig in too deep, take a deep breath and search for a way out or at least a way to better get through whatever situation you find yourself feeling stuck in. There is a reminder with this card that the answer is closer than you might think.


From all indications, this may not be the easiest of weeks. There could be a lot of decisions to be made, about some potentially confusing issues. Perhaps you feel like you have to make a choice which will cause you to forego something else which you’d rather not. You could find yourself being presented with a few different options or be faced with a situation which makes you feel uncertain of your ability to keep moving forward. Remember as you go about the week, that decisions to not always have to be either or…that there are often ways to take things which seem to oppose one another and blend them together in a way that works. You might have to dive headlong into deeply seated insecurities or fear, but it will be worth it…and you can do it. No matter how stuck you might feel, look around you, because the answer is there. This week shows strong potential for finding strength, direction, and courage. You have more control over the direction in which you are headed right now than you think. Take the reigns and steer toward where you wish to go with confidence.

Tarot for the Week of March 6 – 12, 2016

Yes, the tarot is back, and with a new deck! After a much needed break to recover from the flu and evaluate some things…I just couldn’t resist bringing this feature back. The cards are the Mystic Faerie Tarot by Barbara Moore (no relation…that I know of) with artwork by Linda Ravenscroft.

The first card is the King of Pentacles:

King of Pentacles

This card indicates someone who wants everyone around them to be happy. They go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is having a good time and is taken care of. Unfortunately, this often means that they neglect taking care of themselves in the process of taking care of others. This particular card refers more to our emotional and mental aspects than the physical.We all know though, that after long enough the lines can blur and the impact can spread.

The second card is The Sun:

The Sun

The Sun indicates a time of happiness and positive energy. This represents a real opportunity to enjoy yourself and allow yourself to be more optimistic.

The third card is the Knave of Cups:

Knave of Cups

The Knave of Cups is another happy card. While this Knave has a kind and giving heart, as with all Knaves there is a lack of experience. We are reminded to keep an open mind and remember that things aren’t always exactly as we interpret them. Knaves can also bear messages. This particular one deals with creative projects, romance, or emotional situations.


You may be coming into this week feeling a bit depleted and in need of self care. Perhaps you’ve been working so hard at tending to everyone else that you haven’t recharged yourself and will need to soon. The good news is that this week has a lot of potential for unbridled joy, opportunities for positive outcomes, and optimism which means that tending to yourself is highly recommended. Anything that you do for yourself at this time can go a long way.

Remember, however to keep an open mind. Let go of any tendency to judge either yourself or others this week. Focus on the good things and remain optimistic, as there is a potential that you could be faced with an emotional situation which would be better tended with love and compassion than instant judgement. Keep an eye open for an opportunity around a creative endeavor or a romantic encounter. With the focus being so much on tending to ourselves and opening up to more happiness, it it not a surprise that positive things will be drawn to us this week.

As always, what we choose to do with what is put in front of us and how we choose to see it is forever within our own control.


Tarot for the Week of February 7 – 13, 2016

The cards for this week are from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

The first card is the Four of Fire. This is a card of standing in your personal power. This will be a good week to focus on acknowledging just how powerful you are. Use that power to not only set some intentions, but to take steps toward making them happen.

The second card is Awakening. Now is a time to expand your consciousness and allow yourself to break free from criticism and judgement…not only from the past, but also in your current life. Think about the interconnection of all life, and understand that this connection is a source of strength. Remember to include compassion and consideration of the impact your actions when moving forward. Doing so will help you to live a life which is true to who you really are.

The third card for this week is the Seven of Fire. This card encourages us to be willing to take risks in order to grow…to more fully become ourselves. Learn to trust yourself more. Know that you are strong enough to work toward your dreams. This card, like the Four of Fire also touches upon personal power. The image on the card is of a blacksmith, which reminds us to strike while the iron is hot.

This week’s theme seems to be all about personal power and recognizing your strength. Not only that, but trusting yourself and your strength enough to forge ahead with your goals and dreams.  Be on the lookout for opportunities, and go for them…knowing that you are more than capable enough of accomplishing what you set out to do. The Awakening card stands as a reminder to keep not only ourselves in mind as we go through this week. We need to remember to exercise compassion, and understand that our actions have an effect which reaches far beyond just ourselves.

Tarot for the Week of January 31 – February 6, 2016

Today is the first day of the new Tarot schedule. For the time being, I’ll be trying out a three card reading for the week. This week’s cards are from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

The first card for this week is the Two of Water. This card is a card of caring, compassion, joyful recognition of connectedness, and the healing which comes from opening your heart.

The second card is the Seven of Air, which is a card of planning and strategy. The important part of this process is leaving room for flexibility. Sometimes we get so caught up in the minute details and our mental image of how things should unfold that we miss tremendous opportunities. So, while it’s good to have a road map…it’s vital to remain open to taking things in another direction entirely or to at least approach things from a different perspective.

The third card is The Priestess. This card validates the first two cards, as The Priestess encourages trusting our intuition, thinking outside the box, being willing to forge your own path, and stopping to listen to the whispers of your heart.

This will be a great week to operate from our heart and intuition centers when it comes to making decisions about how we wish to live our lives. Yes, sit down and think about what direction that you wish to head in. Once you have that answer though, allow room for your heart to open and your intuition to light the way. While logic and methodology have their place and are useful…it is true that they can be used as roadblocks at times…especially when we might be wishing to make significant changes in either a specific area of our lives, or in general.

While I have focused on the positive interpretation to this spread…the advice is the same, whether you are striking out boldly, or are finding yourself feeling blocked and unhappy. The time is right to put aside the standard protocol and trust yourself to open up to increased opportunities for happiness and success.