29 Faces ~ The End

Today wraps up this round of 29 Faces. It sure has been fun.

Whimsical Wednesday ~ 29 Faces – Monsters

I decided to try my hand at something new for this week’s whimsical entry. Below are three sketches of some pretty adorable monsters. Enjoy!

29 Faces Catch Up

Below are four new faces to catch things up for this week. This project will be wrapping up in just one week. I have to admit that I am both happy and bummed to see it go. Since I have so many writing ideas rattling around inside my cranium, it’ll be nice to be able to focus more time and energy there.

29 Faces ~ Days 4-8

Below are photos of five more sketches for 29 Faces which is being hosted by Ayala Art. Now I’m all caught up and can slow down the pace here a little. It was definitely a challenge sketching four faces per day over the last two days on top of my other projects. No complaints though, it was fun, despite my procrastination.