Guest Appearance

Hello everyone! Today’s post is going to be a brief one, but I wished to come by and share a link for any of you who might be interested. On Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of having a nice chat with the fantastic Edward Kelly on his paranormal podcast, “The Evil Scotsman”. Don’t let the name put you off, as there doesn’t seem to be an evil bone in the man’s body…but seriously…what a fun name! How could I pass up being a guest on a show with a name like that? I’m glad that I didn’t, because it was a true pleasure and I look forward to going back on the show again in the future.

*Warning- the theme song for the show has quite a bit of adult language. For those of you who might not like that, you might wish to skip the first bit and the very end. For me, it was an added bonus. What can I say? >:)

*Warning 2 – There are some audio issues, mainly to do with lag, which I suspect is a location thing more than anything else. His show is well worth listening to at any rate, and I’m not just saying that because he was nice enough to invite me on…seriously.

The link to my appearance is here:

Here is the link to his main page at, where you can listen live when he’s broadcasting as well as find his show reel off to the left of the page, to listen to archived shows:

You can also connect with Edward on Twitter at:

For A Good Time-Check Out The Malliard Report

If you’re a fan of the paranormal and like listening to a fast paced, interactive radio show, you really should check out The Malliard Report. This is the first time that I’ve come here to recommend a program, so that’s saying something. Not only does the host, Jim Malliard have some of the top guests in the paranormal community (as well as some relatively unheard of but cool ones), but he does it all in one hour. Another great thing about this show is that Jim doesn’t only focus on the serious side of things, he and his guests have a lot of fun and get to be themselves.

The show is live on Tuesday evenings at 9pm Eastern time, with a live chat which you can find here which starts at 8pm. The community there is a lot of fun. By clicking the link that I just posted in the last sentence, you can also listen to free streaming past episodes anytime.

The main site for the Malliard Report contains a nice listing of previous shows, where you can read descriptions and get a direct link to listen to specific episodes.

So, if you love the paranormal and an engaging host and listener base, you really should check it out. A lot of interesting material is presented in a really fun and  naturally flowing way.

Honoring Those Who Came Before

Bethany Cemetery 10-10-10 026The month of October is undoubtedly one of my favorite times of year. It is when we enter the phase of the year in which we go within…we nest…we tend to our home fires. It is also when the veil between our physical realm and that of the spirit realm is at its thinnest. As a person who is sensitive to spirit anyway, October tends to be a very active month for me. Honoring those who came before is something which is increasingly important to me and I know that it is for many of you too.

I have many people on the other side now…both of my parents, all of my grandparents, a sister, a daughter, friends, other family, and a few of my past loves. It is important to me to be mindful of them at this time…to pay them my respects…to remember. Not only that, I sometimes ask for them to enter my dreams and talk to me…to guide me as they would if they were still here. Some might think that this is all a figment of the imagination…or utterly ridiculous. To that I would say that the belief of the person experiencing something and the impact that it has on them is truly the only thing that matters if you think about it…regardless of your personal take on it.

For the past three years, I have lived in a building with A LOT of history…and therefore, a lot of spirit activity. It hasn’t been that many years that I have permitted myself to be open and receptive for any longer than the time that it used to take me to freak out. I’m just being honest here. This gift is not one which I’ve always had much comfort with…I used to keep it locked down tighter than tight. The funny thing about that is that no matter how tightly I though I had it locked away…it was always there anyway…there were always glimmers of things.

Over the past five years especially, I’ve had a big shift when it comes to not only accepting, but appreciating these parts of myself. My first year in this building was pretty crazy for me. As time went by, I have learned the ‘hot’ spots and the general tone of the energies in certain parts of this place. One spot in the building is a little tricky. There are times that you can be in this location and feel perfectly at ease…and at others…the air feels colder and there is a sense to keep on moving because someone/something unfriendly is there and it isn’t good to linger. Being able to prepare is so helpful…let me tell 4aa3b-flowers004you! Last year, I spent some time in various areas of my building acknowledging and honoring those still lingering…and it was good.There were other spots, like the one I talked about above that I simply went through acknowledging their privacy and expressing my respect for that.

This year however, I am mainly focusing on my ancestors and loved ones on the other side. The desire to connect with them is strong. It isn’t that I am closing off to others…because that’s just not the way that I am. This is the first year in my journey that I feel ready and prepared to truly honor and thank my loved ones. I’ll be doing some special things for them on an altar this year…putting out some of their favorite things. I’ll even be preparing some of their favorite meals in remembrance.

Do any of you have special things that you do to honor those on the other side?


Zener Cards

Zenner Cards

I’m not sure if you are familiar with these cards or not, but many have at least seen them. They are a set of 25 cards which are used to test the abilities of those claiming to have ESP. The aim of using the cards is to have the person claiming to have ESP guess the image which will be on a card before it is turned over.

The cards were named after psychologist Karl Zener who developed the cards with parapsychologist J.B. Rhine to use in experiments to test for clairvoyance. In performing the test, all 25 cards are turned over and the results recorded. Supposedly, the average person will score around a 20% success rate. Of course, the more cards which the subject guesses correctly, the higher the chance that they have some degree of ESP.

Skeptics feel that the fact that there are only 25 cards in the deck make it easy for a person to cheat on the examination. The Zener cards are not accepted as scientific proof of ESP, but it has been noted that some people score remarkably high. Nevertheless, the scientific community is still highly skeptical of ESP in general. It goes without saying that there isn’t a lot of faith placed in the meaning of experiments with Zener cards by most scientists.

Whether these cards truly do measure the ability of ESP in a person or not, it is still fun to try it to see how many you can guess correctly. There are various places online where you can take simulated tests using these cards. Simply input Zener card test into your search engine if you are curious to see how you would do.

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The yowie is Australia’s equivalent of North America’s bigfoot. The yowie is said to be a hairy,¬†apelike creature with yellow eyes and huge teeth which roam the wilds of Australia’s Outback. Like bigfoot, there are people who believe that yowies are either some kind of primate or a leftover from the precursor to modern man.

Despite their fearsome appearance, there have been no reports of a yowie attacking a human, according to some. There have been some isolated reports however, of a yowie being aggressive with humans. They have been said to harm livestock or kangaroos from time to time. If yowies and other creatures like them are real, it would only make sense that they would harm animals at times. After all, a yowie’s gotta eat.

Admittedly, I chose this topic because the name is fun to say. Originally the word for these creatures was youree, which is what the aboriginal people used to describe them. Are yowies real? Who knows. Just like similar creatures from around the world, there have been numerous reported sightings, but no real proof of their existence.

While many of us like to think that we know of all of the creatures which inhabit our planet, there is a lot of unexplored and remote wilderness out there. What makes us think that we could possibly know for sure that a creature such as this exists or not? Scientists are discovering new species all the time, so who is to say whether yowies or their American cousins, the bigfoot, are real? Only time will tell, but I for one intend to give them a wide berth if I ever come across one.

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While many people are familiar with the popular TV show which spanned from 1993-2002, in real life, government files regarding reports of sightings of UFO’s are also often referred to the name x-files. Most large governments around the world keep files on the sightings of UFO’s and other phenomenon surrounding alien reports.

While the United States still keeps active files, the Ministry of Defence in United Kingdom closed down their UFO desk back in 2009. They made the decision, stating that they felt that the fifty year history of the reporting program had not resulted in anything which they felt represented a threat to national defence. Not only that, but they felt that the hundreds of reports which they were taking each year were taking away time and resources from what they found to be more pressing matters.

They stated that they made all of the reports public, and admittedly there were some which were pretty far-fetched. Now, when the police receive calls regarding UFO activity, they have been instructed not to report it to the Ministry of Defence.

In more recent years, they had received not only UFO sighting calls,but also reports from someone claiming to have been living with an alien and a report from a man who a UFO had stolen his car, tent, and dog while camping. Amid reports such as those were more compelling tales, however, none of them seemed to result in anything substantial enough to justify their continued investigation of claims.

It’s hard to say whether other countries will follow suit, but there are those who believe that the United Kingdom has made a mistake. We can only hope that time doesn’t prove that to be the case. It would be just a little ironic if there turned out to be a little boy who cried wolf scenario after all these years.

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There are still a great many people who think that a male witch is called a warlock. It is even given as the definition in most dictionaries. While this word has been associated with male witches for a long time, it is a derogatory term which most of them find offensive. The word in Old English means oath breaker or traitor.

It is thought that using the word in regards to witches began in the middle ages as the Christian church saw witches as being traitors to the church…that they had broken an oath to serve God. The Christian church, especially in those days, saw witches as being the ultimate betrayers of God, even that they were in league with the devil himself.

There are additional meanings for the word, most of them not nice. In the world of modern witchcraft, the word warlock also means oath breaker. It is said to be a word which is used to describe a witch who has been expelled from the coven for breaking an oath. No matter which way you slice it, it is a word with negative connotations.

In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter where the word originated and to whom it originally referred. Somewhere along the way, it became associated with a male who practices witchcraft and became widely accepted despite the negative meaning and implications. So, what is a male with called, you might ask? Just as his female counterpart is, a male witch is simply called a witch.

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