Art Journal Play…WIP

Below is a work in progress. This spread was inspired by some material I’ve been reading lately. The coloring and background will likely be done in watercolor..then again…who knows. I’ll post again when the spread is finished.




Spring Equinox, New Moon, Eclipse Spread

Below are photos of the two page spread which I made in honor of the Equinox and New Moon. As I wrote about last night, this is very powerful energy and can be utilized to clear as well as manifest major things. This spread represents my intentions. Also, I am including a photo of my Equinox altar. Everything included in these pages as well as the intentions that I set this morning were not just for myself…but for all of you.




New Moon Collage

The new moon is the perfect time to think about what it is that we wish to draw in to our lives…it’s a time for new beginnings. I’ve put together a small collage which shows a few of the most prominent things which my heart wishes to manifest right now. There’s another little saying that didn’t come out in the photo which says, “It’s your chance. Embrace it”.