New Creative Play

Below are a few things I played around with this week. The top photo is a little mixed media manga piece that I’m calling “Absorbing the Crystal Cave”. It is definitely not my best work. I was experimenting with some new materials and had to spend a lot of time attempting to salvage it. The shots below the manga pic are of a spread in a little art journal that I’ve been slathering leftover paint in as I work on other things. Who knows what will eventually show up there, but it’s fun playing. I made a few more kitchen cloths this week too. A pic of them is at the bottom.





New Manga Girl

Playing around with some new techniques. First I made a background on watercolor paper, using watercolor paint overlayed with a whitewash to mute the colors a bit. Then, I sketched the girl out with pencil first before tracing my lines with Prismacolor Premier illustration markers. Her hair is in colored pencil, the eyes in acrylic and ink, the shirt in ink and colored pencil and the face and neck in acrylic. This idea came to me last week, and this is the first of what will likely be a series. I’ll definitely be playing around with mediums as I work on this new form. Not a big fan of the texture of the face.