29 Faces – Day 22

Whew all caught up on 29 Faces. I haven’t been able to be up long enough to work on 30 Days One Canvas…so, even though it won’t be current, I’ll pick up where I left off on that one when I am well enough.

Below is the face for today. I decided to go with another anime face. This depicts how I felt this morning when I woke up still sick. I’ve been hearing that many people have this for two weeks! After just one week I’m drained. So, yeah…my face.










29 Faces – Day 21

Still working from bed, but at least now I’m almost caught up. Just need to do one for today and I’ll be current. 7 Days with this flu now. I’d scream in frustration…if I had the energy or voice.

My first attempt at an anime style face. I think that I might just have to try more of these. She was fun.