Channeling My Inner Ludo ~ Calling The Rocks

Metaphor warning! This post is going to be filled with some heavy metaphors, because sometimes, that’s just the way that my mind works. This morning, I was sitting at my table pondering several things, and for some reason, the image of Ludo from “Labyrinth” popped to mind. When the going got tough, good old Ludo cocked his head back and let out series of deep, throaty howls to summon the rocks. In several scenes of the movie, just when things seem to be at their very bleakest, he howls from deep inside, and rocks of all sizes come rolling to the rescue.

As I sat thinking about Ludo, it inspired me to be a bit more like him, and summon my own rocks. There has been a lot to wade through lately, and I’ll admit that at times I’ve felt like I’m barely keeping my head above water. Then, this morning I started to wonder where my inner fire had gone and it occurred to me that I have everything that I need to reignite it. Instead of being mired down by things which are completely out of my control, I’m tipping my head back and howling.

One of my favorite scenes of the movie has always been the one in which the group of travelers find themselves in the Bog of Eternal Stench, and Sarah is hanging by a vine over the middle of the bog, with no way out. This is when Ludo howls for the rocks to come, and Sir Didymous (the fox looking knight) really gives him the business about howling when someone needed rescued, as he, himself, is just standing there panicking. Then, the rocks start rolling in, making a walkway through the bog, so that Sarah and the rest of the gang can wend their way across.

Step by step, they make their way through that perilous part of their journey. How fitting is it that when they found themselves in the Bog of Eternal Stench that the way out was to summon these steady rocks and make their way through it, one step at a time? I’m thinking about my own steps across this part of my own journey, and have been coming up with individual names for my “rocks”. I’ll be sure to pave alternate pathways so that there are choices in direction. Too much pigeon-holing is not a good thing. The road to happy-town needs to have a few exits! 🙂

Here are the names of my stepping stones:

  • Resolve- to keep going
  • Courage- to stay aware of the fact that I can do what is right for me
  • Self reliance- to keep the knowledge that I can trust myself alive
  • Patience- tempered with a hefty dose of strength
  • Joy- for what is
  • Hope- for what is to come
  • Love- for the opportunity to make the most of the life that I have, and to make a difference
  • Compassion- for others, and for myself

I’ll be working on summoning my inner rocks to pave a path which feels more stable. More than anything right now, I’m craving a feeling of contentment and stability, an overall sense of my place in the world. For some reason, I’ve been having a tough time regaining that sense for myself, and I miss it more than anything. So…let the howling begin! What would you name the rocks for your own pathway?


Time is standing still, yet I cannot settle down

Everything hangs in the balance, and I wait

Until an indefinite time to know for sure what the future holds

I am paralyzed in a state between hope and grief

What a place to be

My emotions are spinning, therefore so is the earth under my feet

I’ve ridden the top of the wave, crashed, and shattered on the rocks

Resigned myself to be broken for a while, awaiting the lull in the storm

Had given in to the notion of empty spaces and a whirling vortex of disbelief

And now,  I’ve been caused to feel the up surge, feeling as though I’m being lifted up

Dare I to allow myself to hope, given that it could all come crashing down again

Before it even gets back off the ground?

For there have been no real promises made, though beautiful words were spoken

How can I stop it, when my heart seems to whisper the sound of your name

Each time it beats in my hollowed out chest?

Just for now I will dare to allow a glimmer of hope

As I sit in a state of trepidation, knowing that on the other side of this storm

Will either be the rushing return of love’s embrace or the cold, harshness in which

I’ve recently dwelt, and had begun to convince myself I’d have to live in until I learned to go on without you

Even though terror quakes in my chest,  just for now I embolden myself to anticipate the feel of your kiss once more.



Just How Cheeky Are You?

Before getting into the subject, I wish you all of you a lovely full moon and Summer solstice. On this longest day of the year and brightly illuminated night, which are perfect energetic times for love, knowledge, protection and illumination; a post about what love is and the wisdom of knowing our responsibilities seemed fitting.

The other night, there was a discussion with someone about the process of learning what it means to step into your power lovingly and strongly. We talked about the concepts of forgiveness, love and responsibility. This conversation was about people who feel a calling to be of service to others in one form or another, and both learning and practicing discernment. To finally learn the difference between loving people and carrying loads which aren’t yours to bear, as well as what true forgiveness is, brings such profound freedom.

You see, caring and service oriented individuals are often taught either by others, or their own egos, that they are responsible for the outcome of the decisions of others. They are also under the impression that forgiveness means allowing themselves to be mistreated or neglected time and time again. Even worse is that they are led to believe that this is what the journey to enlightenment looks like. Most of you have heard the old adage, from the Bible, of turning the other cheek when you are wronged.

There is a big difference between sticking around for more and not retaliating. So many have taken the old saying a bit too literally, in my opinion. Sooner or later a person runs out of cheeks to turn and a choice has to be made, because eventually the damage from an imbalanced relationship will sink in to a person’s psyche and inflict harm. No one is responsible for enduring betrayals, maltreatment, or abuse in the name of turning the other cheek. The simple act of walking away is the high road. It frees you, and allows the other party to have space and time to rethink their actions. The important thing is that the responsibility for that rethinking lies strictly with them.

Being of service to others can take on many forms. The one thing that you can be certain of is that taking on responsibilities which aren’t yours is not necessary. Many times, we will take the stance that we should continue to endure relationships which aren’t healthy because it’s the “right thing to do”. At the end of the day, that voice is usually the voice of fear talking. Fear of losing the relationship with the other person. Fear of disapproval of others who have little understanding of the situation. Fear of failing to help someone enough.

If we look at those fear statements, we can easily see that service and love are nowhere in them. Remember this when, not if, you reach a point where you have run out of cheeks to turn. Sometimes, the kindest and wisest thing to do is to part ways with the sincere wish in your heart that the other person’s life leads them to what is in their highest good as you seek out that which is in your own. No need for revenge or holding onto toxic anger. A simple desire for the highest good of everyone involved truly is an act of love.