Angel Wisdom Wednesday – March 2, 2016

Welcome to the newest feature…Angel Wisdom Wednesday. Each week, I’ll draw a card from the Guardian Angel Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno and post it, and a little message from me.


Encouragement, your love is invaluable to the Earth and to those around you. Even though you may not always see the positive effect your love has on others, trust, for it does. Each time you offer love, through a loving gesture, thought, or word, you plant a seed of love, and love always generates more love. Trust and continue in your loving work.

This is a timely card. The world, and the people (including ourselves) in it are in need of more love. As the card says, it isn’t always obvious that the love we put out into the world makes much of an impact, but it does. It is important that we start by building a foundation of love in our own hearts and ┬áthen expanding that love outward. Focus on loving acts at this time. No matter how big or small…it has a ripple effect. Remember too, that each day we are presented with choices. Will you choose love?