A Note from Me to You

Hello lovelies,

The energies of this week have been pretty intense. Mercury went retrograde again back on the 17th, the Autumn equinox took place on the 21st, and we are now building up to a super full moon and lunar eclipse on the 27th. People, myself included, are finding themselves finally facing off with old patterns and being given a boost in letting go of things which need to go, and gaining the courage to step into new ways of being.

The forward movement potential, as well as the releasing can feel a little scary for some (because change is a shake up of the expected and normal), as they finally stand up for who they are and give themselves permission to pursue their dreams. Trust me, I understand how unsettling it can be. I find myself fluctuating between happy dancing and wishing to pull my head back into my shell. The changes that we’re being afforded now are not minor…they have the potential of being life altering.

This is going to be a very short post compared to some of the past. I just wanted to come here and let you know that you aren’t alone if you’re feeling a little jangly or even freaked out right now. More importantly, I want to encourage you to keep breathing deeply and reminding yourselves that once everything settles, you’ll be on the road to a life which satisfies you more than ever if you should choose to let go of the old stuff and embrace moving ahead and doing new things in new ways. There may be some casualties when it comes to relationships or old ways of approaching your professional life, but that’s okay. Letting go, closing the door, or walking away makes room for what you’ve been desiring. You may very well decide that you aren’t ready to make such drastic moves, and that’s okay. No matter what, you will be learning something.

If you aren’t feeling anything at all…that’s okay too. This sort of thing isn’t for everyone. Not everyone believes in stuff like this, and I’m not asking you to. No matter what you may be feeling or what your personal viewpoints are, my intention and message for you are the same. I wish you a weekend as stress free as possible, and the strength to be able to handle things with relative ease if and when stress pops up. It just felt right to come here today and let all of you know what was on my mind, how much you matter, and how much I always appreciate your being here.

Time Flies

It’s been over a week since I’ve posted anything here and even longer than that since I’ve actually written much. Lately a lot of my focus has been on artwork as well as doing a lot of work spiritually. Right now I’m working on a 16 x 20 ink piece. It’s my largest piece to date and it’s coming along nicely. Of course I’ll be posting it here when it is finished.

The spiritual work I’ve been doing is more complicated, just because there are several different things going on at once. I’m glad to report that I’ve gotten back into meditation which is already making a huge difference, as well as finally getting around to resuming work on a series of shamanic journeys which I started and then swiftly let slide back in November. In addition to that I’ve been diving deep into studying tarot. I’ve been working with oracle cards for a while now and have no plans to drop them because I feel a deep connection with this particular deck. It’s just that a new contact really sparked my interest in learning the system and relationships between the cards in tarot decks. Learning tarot has been on my to do list for a long time. I just hadn’t gotten serious about doing the work. It has been a time of digging deep and going within for me spiritually. At the same time, I am reaching outward spiritually in ways that I haven’t before and it feels great.

As far as writing goes, I have to tell you that I’ve found myself with little to say for a while. It seems that my focus has shifted into more hands on visual expression and working with others on a spiritual level and I’m okay with that. I’m not saying that writing is gone forever for me…I honestly don’t know. This year, I won’t be participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge. I’m way too busy with other things to handle it this year. However, I am going to do my best to participate in National Poetry Month again, which is in April. Last year I did both A to Z and Poetry Month simultaneously and while I admit that it was fun, I also felt like I was going crazy sometimes.

I want to thank all of you who have stuck with me as I’ve made the transition from expressing myself almost entirely in writing to almost entirely visually. I’m going to do my best to post something here at least once per week, whether it’s artwork or written word. I’ll see you next week!



Seeing The Light

Who says that everything is in black and white

The one who has never paused to see the appealing mystique within the grey

When did it become so that we can only choose either this or that

On the day in which we became convinced that to want it all was obscene

Why is it that we believe that something has to be either true or false

Because almost all ability to see that the truth lies between the two has been erased

What makes so many of us think that love only exists within certain boundaries

The voices who screamed the loudest and wielded the most power told us it was so

Where do we go from here

Hopefully upward and within, which are one and the same

To the place where we all see beyond the veil so long draped over our eyes

That magical spot where the lines in the sand are wiped clean by gentle tides

And all is bathed in the quiet whooshing rhythm of a mother’s love