Update on a Recommendation

I had made a post back in February recommending a numerology website. The original post is here. I stated in the post that I would come back and update if I needed to change anything I said. Well, I need to change it. Over time, there has been more solicitation email coming from this site which is sort of annoying. The pushy tone seems to increase with time as well. However, the deciding factor for me was an email which I received this morning.

In this email, there was a formula to do an interpretation of the middle phase of a person’s life. Before this, there had been one to interpret for your beginning phase of life. Mine turned out to be pretty accurate, however when I did the formula for someone who I know just as well as I know myself…it was bogus. Back to today’s email about the middle life phase. I worked the formula…and it just did not match anything about me. So I reread and saw that if you had done the early life calculations that all you had to do was add 1 to it. Well, I added the one and the number was not the same as the one I had reached with the initial formula.

Sure, I’ve made mistakes so I worked it all out again…four times. Nope, number still didn’t match. So, after all of the solicitation which I was willing to put up with for good information and had even thought about making a purchase…until it got too pushy…and now the formulas do not work out correctly. The time has come for me to take back my recommendation. Before I make another, I’ll make sure to test it out a bit longer. Not saying that you won’t get anything at all out of it, but after finding this error and knowing about the amount of other email which comes from the site I cannot in good conscience give it a glowing endorsement.

Update on Bonus Post…Recommended No Longer

About a month or so ago I signed up at Numerologist.com to get a free reading. Let me just tell you that it was a very, very good reading. If I could afford to get a paid reading I would definitely do it. Not only was the free reading fantastic, but just for signing up, you also receive a free series of lessons. These lessons are really interesting, surprisingly accurate, and easy to do. I’ve always enjoyed numerology and this site is the best that I’ve ever seen, bar none. If you’re at all interested in numerology…heck even if you are indifferent…give it a try. They also have a very good policy of not selling your email address. This is another big reason that I’m recommending the site. We’ve all fallen victim to signing up for an innocent appearing reading or newsletter only to be bombarded by spam…so annoying. Anyway, just thought I would share this with you. If you try it, let me know what you think. My sister has also tried and liked it and I’m interested in seeing how well it works for others.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though your email doesn’t get sold out, they do send you emails in which they give you a little taste of a more detailed reading and try to get you to buy the full report. So, if you get annoyed by teaser sales pitches you may not want to sign up. In my opinion though the free reading and the lessons are worth it. If anything changes, I will definitely come back and update.

UPDATE: I have since unsubscribed from the site. The emails got more intense over time. You know the ones…if you do not get the information which I can provide…all ominous sounding. No thanks!

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this site.