This Week’s Work & Play

I’ve still been hard at work on writing projects. Lately though, I’ve been taking out time to do some “just because” things too. Some have turned out nicely, others not so much. No matter what, I had a good time playing around. Local veggies are really starting to come in and I’ve been stocking the freezer with some of the early crops. Plus,  I’ve been in the mood to knit washcloths lately for some odd reason but hey why fight it. I  even made some time for a few very quick art projects and to get outside-just to make my heart happy. Below are a few pics of some of the stuff I’ve done this week.




Photo Post ~ Miscellaneous and New Sketch

Below are some random photos I’ve taken over the past few months. Included are a few of the fall foliage this year, a lovely little bouquet of roses picked for me by a neighbor and friend, and my latest sketch. The sketch is my first attempt at a mountain lion. I’ll be doing more versions of this until I get what I want, but hey…they can’t all be perfect. Still, for my first try at a subject like this, I’m not disappointed.







Another Rainy Day in Paradise

Thought I’d share a few photos with you today. A few of them are from a few nights ago…when it just started storming out of nowhere a little after midnight. The rest are from today. I apologize for the window screens in these shots but frankly I’m too lazy to go out and stand in the downpour. As you can see in the photos though, the roof outside my living room window is starting to resemble a small lake.

Rain rain go away 001

This isn't the best shot, but I really like the bubble effect of the water.

This isn’t the best shot, but I really like the bubble effect of the water.

Rain rain go away 008

Rain rain go away 009

Rain rain go away 015


Beauty Is…In Darkness and In Light

I was snapping these photos fairly rapidly about fifteen minutes ago to try to catch the show before it was over. The play between the darkness and the light was unmistakable. Serves as a good reminder that there is good in both. I especially enjoy the way that the light is shining it’s way down to the ground under that dark heavy cloud. What that says to me is that the shadows can be a place of illumination. What do you think? 

Asheville Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras parade was on February 10th and while this year’s was reportedly smaller than the previous one it was pretty cool. Next year, I’ll have my costume ready and of course will post photos of that. I didn’t have the time to put anything together this time around…but rest assured that next year I’ll be ready. Below are some photos. The first one is of some street musicians who were playing before the parade began and they were really good so I thought that I would include them here. Not sure what the name of their group is, but they were entertaining. Also need to say thank you to my sister for letting me snag her camera. As per my usual, I forgot to charge the battery in mine and it died just as I was attempting to take the first shot with it! Thanks sis.

Window Into My Day

Today got off to a slow start…just was having too nice of a time lounging happily this morning. But, the afternoon has finally found me getting a little ambition! Got some veggies today and also had some here that needed to be taken care of, so I’ve spent part of it preparing them for the freezer.

While those were cooking, I did some cleaning and a little reading in a very cool book by Sark that I picked up the other day. Also have done a little knitting…almost finished with the mate to the gauntlet which I posted a photo of yesterday. Still have one more batch of greens to take care of. Just not today! Also went for a walk with my sister today, which I desperately needed and it was fun…thanks sis.

I still have a post brewing in the back of my mind, which I made reference to the other day…a post about growing spiritually and emotionally. Do not be surprised if it’s a little raw…not all kittens and rainbows…but do know that it will be something which is intended to hopefully help some of you to get into touch with yourselves a little better…as I have been. I feel the need to talk about things realistically and very honestly these days, which is (usually) a good thing. I should make clear though that it isn’t going to be negative in tone, nor is it going to be a whiny bitch-fest. Not going to say much more about it right now. What would be the fun in giving it away?

Okay, here are a few photos of my day…before I sign off to go get my fingers into something else.

Butternut Squash-now ready for a future soup 
Kale – Yum
Oven roasting zucchini with olive oil, fresh pressed garlic, and minced onion
The awesome Sark book…love her! Anything with the words wild woman in it thrills me these days, but this book really is cool. 
The almost finished gauntlets…yay!
Lit some incense and thought I’d show you the baby herbs. They’re coming along great, ‘cept for the chives…hope they make it. The cute little hedghog hiding back there belonged to my mom. 😉