Monday Is For Monster…Of Course

Over the weekend, I finally had a chance to play around with my new markers. Last month for 29 Faces, I started creating monsters in graphite. Ever since, I’ve been waiting to get hold of some markers and have the time to play. Below are photos of one of those original monsters, and the new one in color from Sunday. This was fun, which is just what I needed. You can expect more in the future.

Art Journal Play…WIP

Below is a work in progress. This spread was inspired by some material I’ve been reading lately. The coloring and background will likely be done in watercolor..then again…who knows. I’ll post again when the spread is finished.




Watercolor & Ink Heart Mandala

Below is one of the new pieces of art from over the weekend. Altogether, there were four. For today, I want to share a piece that I began a long time ago, and honestly forgot about. I love making mandalas and other types of things in ink. This time, I decided to color it in with watercolor. The entire process was really enjoyable. Bet I do more with ink and watercolor in the future. I’ll share the other pieces as the week goes by. It felt so good to spend the weekend creating!

ink and watercolor heart mandala

Mandala In Ink

Over the weekend, I indulged in creativity. I did some work on one of the scarves that I am making for a charity project. I also sat down on Saturday and worked all afternoon on a mandala which was done with ink on watercolor paper. There’s just something so relaxing for me in making stuff like this.

Flower Mandala