Dusted Off The Sketch Book

It felt so good to pick up my sketch book again! My skills are rusty, but I want to share it anyway, simply for the joy that it brought me to do it. The sketch I’m sharing today is one of chicory. Even though chicory isn’t something I care for the taste of, it has a place in my heart. My grandfather used to grow it in a little hot bed beside his house, along with other things. The chicory was always a big favorite of mine in that little bed, because of its cheerful look and beautiful color. This is a simple graphite sketch, but I can see that vivid blue in my mind’s eye just like it was yesterday, instead of close to forty years ago. Here goes:

Hoping to keep the inspiration flowing. Drawing botanicals used to be one of my favorite things to do, and I’d love to get my skill level back up there, and even beyond. Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday, and hope that seeing this post inspires you to jump in there with your own creativity, without worry of it needing to be perfect. Have fun!