Thank You

Yesterday wrapped up my 60 Days Of Haiku project. I want to thank all of you who have been following along, and hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Over the course of these past few months, I have developed an even deeper fondness for Haiku poetry, and just know that I’ll be doing more.

Things have been incredibly busy in my life lately, so bear with me if posts are a little sporadic for just a while. I will be here at least a few days a week and hope to be getting back into some artwork in the near future. Realistically, the art probably will not happen until after the holiday season wraps up, but hey…you never know.

As I settle into my new routines, I am finding that my biggest task at hand is finding a balance between work and personal life. This however, is a challenge that I am happy to have at the moment. I am very fortunate to have the wonderful friends and family that I have. The presence of such a lovely support team means a lot.

I’m hoping to sit down over the weekend and put together a thing or two for next week. Admittedly, I have no idea what that might be, so it looks like the muse is going to be leading the way.

Sending you much gratitude and wishing you a lovely weekend!

Much love,



One of Those Days

Nope, not one of those days-I’m having one of the kind of days that could easily be spent doing little more than lying in the window watching it rain while sighing wistfully as “Big Jet Plane” plays softly. The pull to stay in bed in my pajamas clutching a mug of coffee so strong that I even jumped off the prompt train for NaPoWriMo today and mused about doing just what I’m (still) doing. It’s the perfect day for it-quiet, misty, and the xx Radio channel on Pandora. What more can a girl ask for on some days?

There are tasks waiting for me out in the living room/office/art studio, but for now I can’t be bothered to move. Only problem is that my mug is empty and my robot servant is in the shop. Confession time, the draw of the coffee aroma overpowered me. Fear not, I’m ensconced back in my lovely nest. Later this afternoon I’m allowing a friend to tempt me out of my pajamas to go to a salt cave-ahh-if you’ve never tried it and there’s one near you, I highly recommend it. Now, I think it’s time to get to the point of this post, lest you think I’ve slid down the slope of complete narcissism.

There are times when days like this are not only enjoyable, but necessary. When we’ve been pushing too hard for too long, in times of high stress, when the creative mind is asking for new inspiration, and countless other reasons including just because-the nicest thing that we can do for ourselves is to take a time out. It’s good for the body, mind, and spirit. For some, this is hard to do for various reasons ranging from kids to the drive to always be productive. Yet, carving out blocks of time dedicated to the fine art of doing jack shit is crucial to well being.

For those of you out there who are creative types like myself, I’m sure that you understand the necessity more than others. Plus, my friends with chronic illnesses will also understand. Those of us with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and other conditions such as autoimmune issues or others, no matter what they are, have to have our me time or the well runs completely dry, and it isn’t pretty.

I decided to write about this today because I am taking a time out before I am forced to. After all these years, I’m learning to listen to what my body and spirit need before it gets to the point that I have no choice. While mastering this is not something that I can claim yet, I’m getting better at it and I wish to encourage others to allow themselves to take care of themselves without guilt.

This part is a note to those of you with conditions. Never, ever feel inferior, or like you are less than anyone else for tending to your needs, or sometimes having no choice but to stay on the couch all day because you are in a flare up or have overdone it. There’s no shame in this, no matter how hard the world works to convince us otherwise. You still have so much to offer to the world right from where you are. Even on days when you are back on the couch, you are still important to this world-you matter. When you feel like you aren’t offering anything to anyone (trust me I’ve been there), jump onto an online petition site and find some good causes to support. It takes seconds and doesn’t cost a thing. Take a moment to compliment a friend for something on social media. You never know, they could be having a complete crap day and your kindness could be the thing that pulls them back up from the dark places that we can go to sometimes. I know that there are days when even that is too much energy to muster. On those days, send a prayer or energy or good thoughts (whatever you call it) into the Universe for those who need it or for the planet-whatever you choose. It matters.

For my fellow creatives-don’t you feel guilty either. This world of ours needs more beauty and inspiration. For you to take the time that you need to have a conversation with your muse is to benefit more than just yourself. No matter your form of creativity-art, music, the written word-understand that there is power in it. Power to touch lives, lift hearts, to help people know that others relate to their feelings through your own expressions-how can you not see the value in that? Helping someone else to feel that they aren’t alone or a misfit or perhaps bringing a smile to their lips is a real gift. Since the beginning of time humanity has connected through the arts, even when they were nothing more than cave drawings (which are awesome by the way).

My friends, won’t you join me soon in having one of those days? Trust me, you’ll like it here.

A Little Note From Me To You

Hello everyone ~ When I was out earlier this afternoon, the awesome girl at the produce store replied to my question of how her week was with, “Interesting”. She said it in such a tongue in cheek manner that I knew that she had experienced an odd week energetically. We talked about it a little, and she seemed to be a little relieved to see the week coming to an end so that she could retreat. I’ve seen a similar pattern all over the place; on social media, with friends and family, as well as in my own life. It’s sort of hard to put a finger on it…this week has just been a little off kilter. No, I’m not talking about all of the terrible things which have happened in the world in general either. That could be a post all on its own.

While I do not have the answer definitively, the best way that I can describe it is to say that there seems to be a major theme of evaluation and clarification…not to mention a boost in spiritual gifts and growth for many. The heightened charge has created some turmoil and tension in the air as well. I’m not sure how this has shown up in your life, but for some it has been a bit overwhelming.

It was a good week for me in many ways; with the resumption of some painting, getting some writing time in, and getting out and moving a little more. At the same time, my dreams have been very vivid, my intuition has seemed to be more active, and there has been a crackly vibe to things…neither good nor bad…just more intense than usual. All of this has led me to be ready to resume my internet free weekends.

Ever since the loss of my father last month, I’ve been on the internet off and on during the weekends. I just wasn’t ready for stillness. Now though, my soul is practically begging for it. The thought of spending the weekend old school style is making me smile just thinking about it. I’m ready to spend the sunset on my yoga ball at the window watching the glow sink down over the mountains with a nice pot of golden Assam and lemon verbena tea, breathing deeply as I let my hands trickle through a big bowl of stones. If my neighbor’s cat pays me a visit, that would be the icing on the cake. He’s such a sweet guy.

It’s simply time for me to unplug and recharge for the upcoming busy (in a good way) week. The cards will still be posted each day, but other than that…I’ll be absent from the online world from tonight through Monday morning. I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend, and that you can find something to do that rejuvenates you. I’d love to hear about some of the things that bring you back to your center.

Happy Fourth of July Weekend…and An Announcement


I wanted to wish all of you here in the United States a very happy and safe fourth of July weekend. There is also an announcement that I wish to share today, a fun and exciting one.

By popular request, as of Monday, July 6th, I will be bringing back the card of the day feature. You’ll be seeing a lot of changes here as Pull Up A Toadstool shifts into the creation which I envisioned several years ago…but this one will be happening in just a few short days. It is going to be a pleasure to do this again. I’ll be switching back and forth between a few different decks and as before, please know that I not only encourage but warmly welcome feedback and discussions.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. See you back here on Monday!

General Update

Well, at least I’ve been better at posting often…in large thanks to NaPoWriMo…but things were picking up a bit with art postings before that point. Things have been extremely busy lately; with creative stuff, family stuff, preparing for an old friend to come into town soon (more about this below), and getting things off the ground with the readings. It’s an exciting time in many ways. Now to figure out how to balance it all with sanity intact.

My friend Heather will be coming in on Thursday evening for a five day stay. Fortunately for both of us the Mother Earth News Fair has opened an event here in the Asheville area. So, she’s coming with her butterflies and I am really looking forward to the time with her and also sitting inside a tent filled with gorgeous butterflies and children. We’ll have a few days to just hang out too, which is fabulous.

Things should be interesting for my poems on those days. I am seriously considering pre-writing some. At the same time, I would love to keep it fresh by writing each day. I have a few days to decide. In other news…

There are still several health concerns with various family members and I would be fibbing if I said that it wasn’t weighing on me. About all I can do is to keep lighting candles and holding hope for their return to better health.

I’ve been feeling alright lately myself. Just having to keep an eye on my energy levels. There have been a few occasions recently in which I’ve needed to disconnect for a day to restore myself a bit. I could say a lot more here, but a look at the clock has shown me that it’s time to get out the door for a meeting. I hope that all of you are doing well, in every way. ❤

P.S. If any of you are in the Asheville, NC area this coming weekend feel free to stop out at the fair which is being held at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center to say hello! The name of her display is ‘Butterflies from Heather’. There is an admission fee. Learn more here.

The Importance of Maintaining A Clean Pussy

This is a topic that not many people feel comfortable discussing, but it’s one too important to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Lately I’ve not been feeling quite like myself. My energy levels have been really low and there’s just been a general sense of being under the weather. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do about the way I’ve felt. I’ve resorted to trying all sorts of over the counter remedies to try to find even a little relief.

The truth of the matter is that my pussy just isn’t as clean as a pussy should be. So today, I took matters as seriously as I should have and took action. I ran some nice warm water, gathered some supplies, and I scrubbed that puss. I should be feeling much better in the next day or two if I just remember to maintain the furry beast regularly.


IMG0648Who says that you can’t find humor in miserable allergies?



Throughout next month I will be collaborating with some great friends on a spooky month long project…filled with short stories, poetry, artwork…and who knows what else. I’m excited about this and look forward to working on something just for the sake of enjoyment and creative expression. Here’s a link to the new blog…please go by and bookmark it for your creepy pleasure all October long!

Sisters In The Shadows

I’ll still be around here too, just maybe a little less frequently…we’ll see how it goes.