Projects ~ Yoda Hat

Yoda Hat

My latest project is this adorable Yoda hat. A few weeks ago, I was approached by someone and they asked if I could make one for them to give as a gift to a friend. I’ve never made something like this, and have to admit that I was both nervous (mainly because of the braids, which I have always failed at) and up for the challenge.

I’ve been wanting to expand my skills beyond standard hats, scarves, and shawls for quite some time but just haven’t bothered to. So, I went out online and looked for pattern ideas and got busy watching tutorial videos because this hat was made using techniques I’ve never attempted.

My first hat, while not bad for a first try was not up to my liking as something that for one was a commissioned piece, and two as something being purchased and given as a gift. So, back to the drawing board I went and I learned to do seamless crochet joins (goodbye ugly travelling line). After I finished the main body of the hat and earflaps, it was time to tackle the braids. Let me tell you, braiding yarn proved to be much easier for me than braiding hair!

I was really happy with the way that the hat looked after all the ends were woven in. Then, it was time for the ears. On the first hat, the ears that I had made were on the small side, not to mention they were on the flimsy side. So, for the second set of ears, I doubled my strands of yarn, and voila…firm ears which were easily shaped. These puppies have some body to them. The final step was attaching the ears, which I was admittedly worried about because spatial perception is not my strong suit…I know…an artist with poor spatial perception…such is the story of my life. 🙂

As you can see in the photo, the ears went on just fine. This hat is adorable. I am going to be moving on to attempt some other projects which will allow me to build even more skills. I’m looking forward to it and will be sharing as items are completed. After working on the hat for two weeks though, I think I just might be ready to take a little break and get into some of the art ideas that have been floating around in my brain for a little while.

Plus, I’m working on a shared story with my best friend Tabitha over at Sisters Of Wyrd, and it’s my turn to write the next installment. This is something we’ve been talking about doing for ages and we’re finally doing it. If you enjoy strange, dark stories, head on over and check it out. We aren’t on a schedule (because we both buck that sort of thing) but please subscribe if you like what you see over there to get notifications of new content.

One last thing before I go. I want to thank all of you for sticking with me while I was on an unscheduled break from things. Things have been on the difficult side in the past year and now that 2017 (the bastard) is over, I’m looking forward to a smoother and more productive 2018.

June and July Projects…Mixed Bag

Well, my last few posts have found me talking about the digging and searching I’ve been doing. All of that is well and good…the digging and searching are necessary to find the treasures. For this post, I wanted to share some of my work from the last few months. I’ve even decided to share some of the Summer Solstice stuff.

Wow, I realized when I was checking off categories to tag the various types of work I’ve done in the last two months that I’ve accomplished a lot more than I thought! See…told you in the last post that it hasn’t been all drudgery, and now that I’m putting it all together I am realizing myself that I’ve been a bit more balanced than even I thought.

Let’s start with the Solstice stuff…I did a collage and made a hand sewn booklet.

Summer Solstice 2014 003

Summer Solstice 2014 001

Summer Solstice 2014 002

I also finished a crocheted afghan I began many months ago and hadn’t touched in a long while.

June and July Projects 011

I’ve also managed to get through another 2 weeks in Journal 52…Week 7 When I Grow Up and Week 8 Found Poetry.

June and July Projects 009

June and July Projects 006

I did rework the painting which I had posted about before that I had felt that I messed up.

June and July Projects 013

And now, for the works in progress:

I am knitting a cardigan for myself…that pattern is called “Bright and Breezy Kimono” and can be found on

June and July Projects 003

Work in progress number 2…I found some leaf shaped blades from a ceiling fan and have started working on one of them.

June and July Projects 010

Last but not least is a beginning draft of what might be a character in an upcoming piece of writing…I’m not sure, but I sat down this afternoon to sketch something and she is what I came out with.

June and July Projects 004



A Totoro and A Black and White In Ink

Below are a few pictures of the latest things from my completed projects. The first is a totoro…I didn’t know what it was at first…for my best friend’s son. Apparently a totoro is a character from a children’s anime cartoon. The second is my second zentangle. I have to admit that I am having so much fun with these lately that it’s sort of difficult to think in terms of acrylic or watercolor at the moment.


Front view of the totoro…excuse the wine in the background. 😉


Side view so you can see his tail


Sorry about the angle of this one. My regular camera battery died and I used the one on the laptop.

Artsy Kinda Weekend

I spent most of this weekend on the couch with a nasty headache and vertigo. Instead of letting it ruin my mood though, I got to work. As some of you who’ve been visiting here for a while know,  I’ve had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and arthritis for years. The fibro and CFS are so unpredictable that you learn to be flexible. You also learn different ways of keeping yourself occupied. So I took advantage of the downtime and enjoyed watching movies and stand-up comedy on Netflix while I was doing a good bit of knitting and crocheting. I also played with watercolor paint and oil pastels.

Below are some photos of what I did. There is one other thing that I did, but I can’t post it here because it will be going here…the collaborative blog I’m doing with the friend I’ve had for more years than any other. You can check Tabitha’s stuff out here…you really should…she’s super cool. I hope that all of you are doing well, and that you’re doing things which feed your creativity and spirit. I also hope that you enjoy looking through my weekend creations!


I can’t quite seem to get a good shot of this watercolor piece. It looks a lot cooler in person.


My first crocheted beret.


A hat I’m knitting for a friend. Almost done 🙂


The very beginning of a new e-reader case/mini cross body bag

Summer Cold Strikes…The Benefits

I’ve been pretty sick with a cold since Friday, which has made me sit down and go nowhere. Of course I would rather not be sick, but since I have been stuck inside, I have taken advantage and gotten to work on a few projects which have been waiting for me. I’ve been a knitter for about four years and love it. However, a few months ago I began to learn how to crochet…thanks to my sister who has been doing so for long enough to be a crochet master. Please pick your mouth up off of your desk sister dear…yes, I really said that you are so stinking good that I consider you a master.

Well, I have been working on a blanket for myself for a few months. I’ll take photos of it another time, but this weekend I’ve been working on some small holiday items to send out to friends and family. I’ve also been working on my first ever pair of crocheted baby booties for my beautiful new great-niece Madison. I’ll post a photo below of the first one…which is all I have done so far. Number two will be done tomorrow.

I’m also posting a few photos of my full moon/equinox stuff. The photos are but a small part of what I did in honor of these two occasions. In addition to what I am showing you below, I’ve been doing some serious contemplation of what I do and do not wish to carry forward in my life for the upcoming season…as well as what new things I might like to usher in. I’ll write a separate post about this soon, but for now I want to collapse into bed to read for a while. Scroll down for the pics.

Kichen altar and Madison's crocheted booties 008Kichen altar and Madison's crocheted booties 003Kichen altar and Madison's crocheted booties 013