Red Buddha

Red Buddha

I posted this page in my art journal which was made of leftover paint not long ago. I have done a rough sketch of a Buddha over the background, and decided to write a poem around it.

Red Buddha

Red Buddha sits peacefully in wise knowledge of the sacred fire

Vital life force, the prana which flows through all of life

From the smallest blade of grass to the giant blue whale

We are all wrapped in its protection, safely ensconced

As it has no beginning, nor does it have an end

Art Play

This week I’ve been making finishing touches on two pieces that I painted a while back. They’re almost complete now. With the leftover paint, I’ve started a new journal page. Looks like I’ll be working on filling some of the background pages in soon. The last thing I did was a quickie Angel sketch. Below are the pics of everything.


New Creative Play

Below are a few things I played around with this week. The top photo is a little mixed media manga piece that I’m calling “Absorbing the Crystal Cave”. It is definitely not my best work. I was experimenting with some new materials and had to spend a lot of time attempting to salvage it. The shots below the manga pic are of a spread in a little art journal that I’ve been slathering leftover paint in as I work on other things. Who knows what will eventually show up there, but it’s fun playing. I made a few more kitchen cloths this week too. A pic of them is at the bottom.





I’m Sketching Again!

It has been weeks since I’ve done anything art related, so making time to sit down and do a sketch this week felt great. For a little while I’ve felt that something was missing, and realized that my creative practice had ceased to exist for the most part. Something needed to give in order for me to create the mental space that I need to dive deeper creatively. After a great deal of consideration, I’ve decided to let the videos on Thursdays drift to the back burner, at least for a while. Everything else will be staying the same. So, you can expect to start seeing more creative things here on a weekly basis-and it starts today with the fantasy sketch below.


Art Journal Spread…Still In Progress

I posted the outline of this spread here:

It still isn’t done because a migraine and adverse medication reaction dictated that I stop and spend the rest of the day yesterday in the dark. Below is a photo of how far I got. I’ll post again when the spread is finished.


Art Journal Play…WIP

Below is a work in progress. This spread was inspired by some material I’ve been reading lately. The coloring and background will likely be done in watercolor..then again…who knows. I’ll post again when the spread is finished.