What’s Going On In April?

April is national poetry month, and in the past I’ve done the poem a day challenge. It’s also the month that there is an A to Z blog challenge. I haven’t done either one in a few years, because…life. This year I was really thinking about it, but life just isn’t conducive to committing to challenges again just yet.

So, in honor of both of those amazing annual challenges, I’m going to be doing my own thing with it, by posting an A to Z of animals haiku poetry-fest. For each day of the month of April, I’ll post a haiku for a different animal, going through the alphabet from start to finish. It sure is fun to be writing a little bit again!

Time For A Reboot

Hello everyone! Long time no see. I’ve had this blog for many years now, and felt that it was time for a fresh start around here. While I’ll likely be posting some of the same type of stuff, I have changed so much over the years that a lot of the old content wasn’t me anymore. This being “not me” feeling is a sweeping one which encompasses so much more than just what was on this blog. It’s across the board in my life. One of the main things which has changed is that I am so much more comfortable within myself and in my identity, I’ve grown…a lot. To try to describe all of the changes in would take ages, so I’ll keep it simple and just say that I’m moving forward. No more looking back, here or otherwise.

For a brief while, I have had the site hidden and was debating whether to let it go entirely. As you can see, I just deleted all of the old posts and am starting over. While I may be a vastly different person than I was when I started writing here, the name and notion of the blog still suit me. It felt like I’d be getting rid of a piece of myself, and we can’t have that!

I’m excited about this new chapter, both on the blog and in my life as a whole. See you back here again soon. Thanks for sticking around.