Moving As Of January 1 ~ New Site

Hello everyone,

I’ve been here at Pull Up A Toadstool for several years, and it has been great. For quite some time, I’ve been thinking about creating a new home for my work…mostly because of an continuity issue with identity. All across the internet and even in person, I’ve been known as the Pixiebaby, and have been thinking of making things more clear, clean, and consistent.

After months of careful consideration, I’ve decided to take the leap, and have been building a new site which will be officially rolled  out on January 1. This site will remain open for those who wish to check out older content, as I’ve decided not to import any material. Below is a link to the new site. While it isn’t fully complete, it’s almost there. The link is below. Please follow and add to your bookmarks. January 1 will be here before we know it.


Much love,


A New Challenge

Hi there! I hope that all of you are having a lovely weekend. As many of you know, I participate in a good many blog or writing challenges…and that I love them. Well, I decided that it was time to start one of my own. For the next 60 days, I’ll be posting a new haiku. I’ve been doing two a week for quite some time and have grown quite enamored with this form of poetry. Chances are good that I’ll post other things here too if something comes up that I wish to share or I create a piece of art that I’d like to post here.

Don’t forget, I’ll also be over at Sisters In The Shadows for the entire month of October, participating in our annual month long tribute to all things scary. So, I hope to see those of you who enjoy horror over there. For November, as I mentioned last Monday, I’ll be diving in to National Novel Writing Month to get a good head start on the sequel to my novel “Twisted Faith”. As you can see, it’s going to be a busy few months around here. There are a few other projects which I’ve got simmering in the background which I’ll tell you more about when the time is right. This is an exciting time in my life, and I’m so thankful that all of you are here.

The 60 Day Haiku Challenge will start tomorrow!

It’s Almost October

Since we’re only a few short weeks away from October, I thought it was time to let all of you know that we will be teaming up at Sisters In The Shadows again for our annual month long spook-fest. In addition to my horrific contributions, there will be plenty of other demented tales and/or artwork contributed by  my delightfully twisted sister Julie, my lifelong friend and gleeful partner in all things weird Tabitha, and the next generation of macabre creations, the  lovely and talented  Evangeline.

*** Fair Warning: I acknowledge that horror and twisted tales are not for everyone, so please steer clear if you are disturbed by…well, potentially disturbing tales and/or images.

For those of you who enjoy the darker side of storytelling and expression, please click on the link for Sisters In The Shadows above and be sure to sign up, follow us, or add us to your bookmarks. We’d hate to see you miss out on any of the creepiness.