Art From The Weekend

Below are the two pieces which I completed this weekend. I’m loving the one in green and blues. The other one I’m likely going to gesso over and try again, but I liked it more when I saw it this morning. So, it’s safe for now. It was especially fun to have a partner in crime to collaborate and experiment with on that second one. I’ll definitely be doing more of these types of paintings. The technique is bringing me the most joy of any I’ve tried to date.


This weekend’s work

Creative Work This Week

I’ve had a pretty creative week, which is something that hasn’t happened in a while. Things have been so busy otherwise over the last several months  that my visual creative practice had fallen by wayside. It feels good to have two finished projects to share with all of you.

This week I decided to experiment with a new painting technique. For a first run, I’m pretty happy with the result. I’ll be playing with this method more. It’s fun and messy. What else can a girl ask for? Other other than the painting, I finished my first scarf for the homeless for this year. Photos of both projects are below.