30 Days One Canvas – Day 30

What started out as a 30 day project took longer due to various factors, but still…it’s done-at least as we knew it.

For the final day, I gessoed the entire canvas, except for the one part that I truly love. At some point I’ll come back and rework it around the one part that I kept unless I change my mind, which could happen. My ex husband was fond of telling me that I changed my mind more than most people changed their socks. That’s a bad thing? 😉

The left image is the way it looked on day 29, the right image is how it looks this evening.

30 Days One Canvas – Days 28 &29

Below are the pics of what I’ve done over the weekend. Tomorrow will be the last day for this canvas. I’m not sure what the finishing touches will be. Then again, with this piece, I haven’t known what I would be doing any day until I showed up to work on it.

The far left is from yesterday, when I added the cerulean blue on the lower right portion of the canvas. The center is from today, when I added sap green from the center over to the left of the lower portion of the canvas. The far right image is how the whole thing looks right now.

30 Days One Canvas – Days 26 & 27

What does one do when it’s 4am and sleep isn’t forthcoming? Get up and catch up on two days of the 30 day canvas project of course! I had fallen behind by two days, but am sort of current now. Technically I’m still a day behind because it’s now almost 5am but hey…it’s early. For day 26 I did the periwinkle around the snake and day 27 the female figure