The sadness washes over me like a tidal wave

As I sit here in the silence, there are echoes of you everywhere

The hairbrush sitting at the ready, waiting for the soft locks

Which my fingers delighted to run through just mere days ago

Toothbrush in the medicine cabinet reminding me of you

And that special smile which filled my heart with so much love

I cannot bear the thought of getting rid of them, even though your voice

No longer fills this place with endless conversations and laughter

Seeing them fills my eyes with yet more tears…they’ve shed so many

The sheer volume which has poured from my eyes is staggering

But, I cannot yet part with the few things which were yours

For at least while they remain, there is a part of you here with me

And at least for a painful moment, I can try to pretend that you’ll walk through the door

It isn’t like I need reminding, for you are everywhere

The jar of honey haunts me, as silly as that may be

For I miss the sound of your spoon stirring tea, and the taste of it on your lips

What was once a place of so much joy feels hollow

And I remain behind, floating numb and grey, the ghost of dead romance

My body shaking with sorrow, remembering that flash in time

When the words I love you spilled from your lips. How quickly it all went away

Almost as though our hopes and dreams never existed, but yet I know they did

For this soul crushing pain will not let me forget

Nor will the bed which mocks me when I try to sleep in it

Or the couch which serves to remind me of how it felt to

Snuggle up in what felt like the safety of your arms

In what I was beginning to believe would be endless evenings of movies and podcasts

Not to mention the countless times we sat and enjoyed episode after episode

Of Picard telling Number One to make it so

Oh, if only I could wield the power of his words and put the air back in the room

So that I could once more take even a single breath which didn’t fill my chest with pain

But alas, I cannot. So here I sit in the silence, waiting for this hell to pass.




6 thoughts on “Gone

  1. This fills my heart with sadness,yet such a beautiful memory of one who’s love has left the physical space ,only to leave a lingering wisp of afterness.Love ,peace and healing ,dear one,xoxo

    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you are relating to this so well right now. Here’s hoping things clear for both of us soon. Let’s talk soon. Would be better if you were over here or vice versa and we could commiserate over drinks and a punching bag 😉 I love you too my friend xx

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