For A Good Time-Check Out The Malliard Report

If you’re a fan of the paranormal and like listening to a fast paced, interactive radio show, you really should check out The Malliard Report. This is the first time that I’ve come here to recommend a program, so that’s saying something. Not only does the host, Jim Malliard have some of the top guests in the paranormal community (as well as some relatively unheard of but cool ones), but he does it all in one hour. Another great thing about this show is that Jim doesn’t only focus on the serious side of things, he and his guests have a lot of fun and get to be themselves.

The show is live on Tuesday evenings at 9pm Eastern time, with a live chat which you can find here which starts at 8pm. The community there is a lot of fun. By clicking the link that I just posted in the last sentence, you can also listen to free streaming past episodes anytime.

The main site for the Malliard Report contains a nice listing of previous shows, where you can read descriptions and get a direct link to listen to specific episodes.

So, if you love the paranormal and an engaging host and listener base, you really should check it out. A lot of interesting material is presented in a really fun and  naturally flowing way.

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