I was falling short of inspiration for today’s post, so I went on Pinterest, scouring for journaling prompts. Some of the most amazing ones that I found all came from the same site, Journaling Sage. It was difficult to pick one, because there are so many great ones on the site. The one that I finally selected was:

What choice can you make today to be more free?

This question is perfect for me right now. The feeling of freedom is something which I’ve been reaching out for more and more. I’ve been making a lot of choices in the name of freedom this year. Some of them haven’t been the easiest to do, yet all of them have been necessary in one way or another.

For today however, I’m choosing the freedom to choose. I choose to give myself permission to feel what I feel, to do what feeds the higher parts of myself, to stand tall in my right to not only give respect but to receive it, and to release guilt associated with doing what’s best or necessary for me even when it means saying no.

This may seem elementary to some of you, but for others of us it isn’t always so simple. When wading through these waters, there is a lot of self discovery which takes place. With some much appreciated help, I recently discovered that somewhere along the way I had given away some of my power in the area of how I permit others to treat and speak to me. While I know exactly where this loss occurred, there is no need to share that here because to do so would only serve to give a negative impression of people from the fairly distant past. Doing that is something which I do not desire to do, nor is it my job. They do/have done a fine enough job of that on their own.

Sometimes it is difficult to get to the bottom of our needs. I am always grateful when I am able to recognize areas of my life which need some adjustment in order for me to be lighter and happier. The choice has been made, and I feel better already just for being able to see what had been going on and knowing that it is perfectly within my power to change it. That’s one of the many beautiful things about life…that we always have a choice.

What choice will you make today?




10 thoughts on “Choice

  1. I choose to not feel guilty if I don’t achieve all the many things I have to do. Sometimes…nah. CBA. Instead I’m going to walk by the river because it’s a nice day. 🙂

  2. I choose to stay inside today because a fire at the recycling center is burning my lungs and eyes out! It’s awful.. I have made other personal choices recently and in no time at all I had a couple of family members tuck tail and run all because I chose to speak up. How dare me, right?? Whatever. It was freeing and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I only regret that I didn’t make that choice YEARS ago!

    • Yes, please stay inside whenever you can. Good for you for speaking up and honoring yourself. I find myself going through similar situations these days. You’re right, it is so freeing. The relief is something which my imagination couldn’t quite picture as good as it feels to step into my own power. It makes me happy to hear that you are going through this too. Keep up the good work sista! No regrets, there is no time like the present. ❤

    • Wow Joss, that is an accomplishment. It is in many of our nature to have a desire to “fix” everything instead of allowing things to unfold as you are. I commend your wisdom. Oftentimes our fixes are nowhere near as amazing as what was coming into our lives. Very uplifting!

      • thank you for the encouragement. Many will say “well you must not have really wanted that situation to begin with”. and that’s okay. we each have to follow our path in a way that makes sense and is true to who we are.

      • Yes, we do all have to follow our path in the way which is right for us. This can sometimes be one of the most challenging truths for some people to get. Seems as though you’ve grasped it beautifully.

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