Looking in the rear view mirror, down those old dusty roads

There once was a place that I used to call home

When I think of it now, scores of specters fill my eyes

That desolate place has nary a blade of grass upon which I could stand

Dark corners have grown darker, the abyss even deeper

The future awaits, ne’er to be found where ancient ghosts moan

Ahead is the place where vision grows clearer, where hope resides

Those old dirt trails hold history, memories of what I once was

Tales of how I came to be the person who now roams free

Glimmers of love held long ago live eternal in my heart

Lifted high above the ashes left behind by the searing fire of creation

Like the mighty phoenix, soaring up and away from the detritus

Of a story which belongs to the past, the days of once upon a time

Looking ahead with a sense of purpose and a promise to myself

To never look back with anger or regret, to simply never look back

All of the goodness from those days has settled deep into my being

Like the fine particles of gold at the bottom of the prospectors pan

Nothing more is required, all of my treasures there have been unearthed

As the silt fell to the bottom of the stream, I picked up stakes

Moving into freedom, declaring the facades and whispers behind me

Riding the current to a new era, one in which dreams come true and joy runs deep.








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