Where The Heart Calls Home

Watching the cranes lifting beams and stacks of blocks all around me

As the heat rises off of the already abundant supply of concrete

My heart and feet yearn for the soft feel of the bare, green earth

With no other sound than birdsong and the wind rattling the leaves of trees

Perhaps a musical brook dancing over smooth stones, or waves rushing the shore

Looking out the window once more with a desire to roam free, away from the crowds

Free of the sounds of construction noises, car engines, and the same old urban drone

My daydreams carry me to places with more birds and animals than people

Where streams run cool and clear through meadows of tall grasses and trees

When I close my eyes, it is so easy to feel the sun warmed earth beneath my feet

And the breeze ruffling my hair, as rays of sunlight turn everything golden

Once upon a time, the forests and the seaside were more common for me than asphalt

This will be true again as my dreams carry me to the place where my heart is at home.


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