Angel Wisdom Wednesday ~ July 27, 2016

The card for this week is from the “Angel Therapy” oracle deck by Doreen Virtue.

Be Willing to Forgive

There is sometimes a little confusion when it comes to the concept of forgiveness. In the past, I was under the misconception that forgiveness was basically giving someone the green light for what they had done-almost like giving it the stamp of approval. That isn’t what it is about though (unless you truly desire it to be). Forgiveness is being willing to release the feelings of anger and resentment that you may still be holding onto in regards to what has been done.

When we allow these things to fester inside of us, the effects are toxic. The act of keeping the anger, hurt, or resentment alive in our mind and heart does way more harm to us than it would ever cause to the person who did you a disservice. As you go about this week, draw your awareness to what you may be holding onto which could be holding you back in life. Ask for help in releasing those feelings so that you can move on and find true peace and happiness. Remember, you do not have to be okay with what was done-simply willing to letting go of the negative/harmful emotions attached to it. The responsibility for keeping those memories does not belong to you, but to the person who created them. Even that is not something to concern yourself with. Your concern is your own well being and happiness.

Wishing you deep healing! ❤

4 thoughts on “Angel Wisdom Wednesday ~ July 27, 2016

  1. Ahh, my sweet sister. Now you are coming to the heart of the matter. You can’t allow old grievances to have a hold on you. It’s like poison. I had to learn that the hard way. Love you. ❤

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