Last week, I made mention of the importance of momentum this year. There are several factors, most important being numerological, which make keeping things rolling very important for the remainder of this year. In numerology time goes in nine year cycles, with a a 1 year being for new beginnings or fresh starts and a 9 year being for bringing things to completion or fruition. This year is a 9 year, and this is how:

2016= 2+0+1+6 which = 9

While we are more than half way through this year, it is not too late to kick things into gear if you haven’t already. Think back over the course of the past 9 years, and bring to mind the things which you have been thinking about wishing to accomplish the most or that you may have even taken some preliminary steps with. These are the things that you will wish to focus on for the remainder of this year.

Make decisions about whether you still wish to follow through with all of the things which have drifted into your awareness over the past 9 year cycle. If you have some things which no longer resonate with you (we all will, more than likely), this is the time to set them free and concentrate on what matters most to you. When we keep holding onto things which no longer ring true, it is so easy to allow ourselves to become stuck due to guilt over not accomplishing those things. So, right now the biggest favor that you can do for yourself is to honestly evaluate what you’d like to see get finished this year. Once you get it figured out, you can set yourself free and take action on the things that matter.

Since we are so far into the year, it’s key to not take too long with your evaluation process. Listen to your heart, as it already knows the answer anyway. Please allow hope and optimism to be your guides through the coming months. While there is some urgency about all of this, keep in mind that the time is right for manifesting wonderful things. Keep stress out of the equation as much as possible and give yourself permission to dream big. Now more than most times, positive visualization is your friend.

See yourself successful in what ever it is that you wish to achieve. Really see yourself as you wish to be and where you wish to be, feel the feelings of success, incorporate textures and scents etc. While it is important to follow your instincts with action, try not to get bogged down in the details. Listen to the whispers of your soul and your guides/angels/God/Goddess. The upcoming four months are not the time for the what if game. Believe in yourself and dream big. Know that I’ll be here wishing for your dreams to come true…and then some.

8 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. I really try to keep hope alive & visualize the things I’d like to see happen, but then life kicks my feet out from under me and now I can’t look past a couple of days.

    • Our approaches are different when it comes to this kind of stuff and that’s okay because we are who we are and it makes the world infinitely more interesting. What I do know, without a doubt is that you do put a lot of effort into being positive and I give you a lot of credit for that. My wish is and always has been for you to find happiness. Hugs

    • Woohoo! Love it. Makes two of us. There’s so much going on here right now that sometimes I almost want to pinch make sure I’m awake. I’d love to hear about some of your good stuff sometime. Thanks for sharing your thoughts…and for the smile. 💖

    • You, my dearest are never in inertia! There will not be any moss gathering on you Jules. Perhaps a vortex, tornado like spinny thing from all your activity. All joking aside, I think you should give yourself more credit, but you’re welcome. 💖 xx

  2. I have come to enjoy believing in myself and seeing my wishes come true. It really does happen if you keep positive and really believe. Thank you Tracy for the extra nudge. I have some big things coming up and it is happening right before my eyes. WOOHOO!!!! 😀

    • Good! That makes me incredibly happy. I’ve believed in you for…well, forever…so seeing you confident is fantastic. Your welcome and I thank you for nudging me when I need it. Woohoo indeed! Mwahh 💋

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