When Hearts And Minds Meet

Monday’s post was about coming together with people that we love and how wonderful that can be. I said that I would be back later this week to talk a little more about it, so here I am. My amazing cousin made the long drive to visit with my sister and myself for a long weekend and it was like a retreat for all of us. She stayed at my place, and my sister came to hang out for a few hours each day that she was here.

Of course we shared a lot of laughter and memories, which was healing in and of itself. As if just being together wasn’t gift enough, we experienced so many things which could only be described as magical that it would be difficult to list them all. There were readings, energy work, super healthy nutrition, teas, and late night chats about spiritual topics. It felt like I had a weekend retreat at my own house…yep, it was that good.

Though it wasn’t planned or even discussed before my cousin got here, the three of us spontaneously began work on a project which we first discussed around two years ago. It is still in such an early phase that I’m not ready to say anything more about it. What I do want to talk about is how amazing it is that we were able to take three people, bringing their individual perspectives and experiences together in such a smooth way that it is a joy. Collaborating like this has been a long held dream for me. This seems to be the year for long held wishes coming true around here.The way that things flowed so smoothly and the sheer amount of work that we got done felt so natural that all of us remarked that it was obviously meant to happen.

As we get further into the project I’ll give more details about what it is, because it’s definitely exciting. Right now though, my wish was to talk about the healing effects of spending time in communion with people with whom we can connect to on a heart, mind, and spiritual level. Experiencing a weekend like this has been so rejuvenating and life affirming that it is hard to describe adequately with words. How does a person fully describe how wonderful a full heart and renewed hope feel? It isn’t something which is easy to convey. One evening as we sat around the table, I had an emotional moment because what we were doing and how it felt was so deeply good that it fulfilled a long held vision of sitting around with a few people brainstorming, sharing, and enjoying.

Earlier this year, my aunt came for a visit and other than the collaboration on a project, the connections and overall sweetness of the visit was every bit as amazing. This year truly has been a gift in this respect, and it isn’t over yet. I have a few more people coming in later this year and I’m looking forward to those experiences as well. My heart is receiving so much healing and I’m full of gratitude. This is something which everyone needs sometimes. The experiences of deep connection and collaboration definitely have me ready for more.

I have a good bit of work to do, both on this new project, on my novel which is with my editor, and on a book of poetry that I’ve been putting together in spare moments. The beauty is that none of this seems like work. It feels good to have so many things flowing and coming together. My hope is that many of you are also seeing things coming together and are experiencing joy and following your hearts. Even though we’ve crossed over the halfway point of this year, this is definitely the year to get things rolling. I’ll talk more about the importance of momentum this year in a post next week.


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