Angel Wisdom Wednesday ~ July 6, 2016

The card for this week comes from the Angel Therapy oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue.

Crown Chakra

This card is a lovely reminder for us not to be dismissive of our ideas. Sometimes when we are seeking a solution it is all too easy to think that our ideas are wishful thinking, silly, or wrong. In reality, when we ask for help figuring something out the answer often comes to us in the form of an idea or even a dream. Call it what you will…an answer to a prayer…having a great idea…or whatever else you feel comfortable with. No matter how you feel comfortable phrasing or thinking about this, when we ask for help with something we sometimes think that the request goes unanswered when in fact, the flash of inspiration, first gut reaction, or thought was just the answer we had asked for. So, if there’s something you’ve been wishing for more clarity with, look or listen within and you may find that the clarity is already sitting there…just waiting for you to acknowledge it.


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