Where Does The Love Go?

Have you ever wondered where the love goes when you feel lost inside

When the betrayals and bruises become a heavy load in your heart

In those times that what felt like a happily ever after

Turned into a never should’ve been, leaving you confused

Wondering if you can ever trust yourself or another again

The love is not lost, it simply waits until it’s time to reemerge

Stronger than ever, safe in the arms of one whose love is true

Never give up hope, for a life without passion is not a life at all

Do not seal your heart , constructing walls and locking it tight

Becoming a prisoner within those walls that you build is so easy

Though it sometimes seems so, love never leaves us, we put it away

Waiting for wounds to heal , the scar tissue grows more pervasive

Set yourself free and allow love to bloom once more

For it has been there all the time waiting faithfully

Until you decide to open the door once more and let it out

Making way for joy in the midst of uncertainty is the key

The faint glimmer of light which will unthaw a fearful heart

Allowing love to soar in all its glory, on gleeful gossamer wings.




2 thoughts on “Where Does The Love Go?

  1. Another timely post as it relates to my life. It was 5 years ago today that Russell flew to Seattle to drive me back here so we could start our new life together. I’d just gotten out of a 22 year marriage to a mentally ill alcoholic. Russell is my happily ever after.

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