Living A Heartful Life

When thinking of a word which would best describe what I’d like to convey this week, the word heartful came to mind. The definition of the word is: full of heartfelt emotion or to have a connection to the heart. Over the last while, thoughts of what materials go into building our best lives have been flitting around in my mind a great deal. While I could go on about all of the things that I’ve tried, read, experimented with, meditated on and worked through in my questioning-there’s really no need, as the answer is simple.

When it comes to what goes into building the best lives that we can for ourselves, the answers lie within the heart. The old saying about productivity-if it feels like work, you’re doing it wrong-is true across the board. Finding the right balance can feel a bit tricky at times as we all have responsibilities, needs, dreams and goals. At times it seems as though living from the heart is counter-intuitive when it comes to meeting responsibilities. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This isn’t to say that I recommend throwing all caution and responsibility to the wind to your detriment. I do recommend though, making sure that we are doing something each and every day to shift our lives toward as seamless a transition between our work and play lives as possible. As doing this isn’t something which most of us are taught or encouraged to do, you can expect a a few growing pains along the way as you move closer to living a life of joy and fulfillment. You may encounter feelings of uncertainty within yourself, disapproval or criticism from others or possibly some of both as you move forward.

The hows and whats of what a heartful life looks like is completely up to you. For all of us though, the simple question which leads us there is the same. Not only is the primary question the same for all of us, asking and answering it of ourselves often will never fail to keep us on the right track.

Are the things that you are spending the majority of your thoughts and time on things which have the capacity to connect all of the elements of your life with a thread of joy?



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