6 thoughts on “#Vlog ~ Navigating As A Sensitive

  1. You are so good at videos! Not one stutter not nuffin! I think you are one of the most sensitive and highly empathetic people I know. Just the other day you rang me when you crossed my mind and knew I was off beat. That’s incredible and it fascinates me. I believe sensitives make the best and most caring of friends but they need to be careful not to be taken for granted and have time out to cleanse. Love ya! x

    • Aww thanks Jules.I’m glad that I listened to my gut and called you when I did. You are right and I’ve come a long way when it comes to taking time to recharge. Still have some work to do though. Don’t we all…always? You’re pretty sensitive yourself my dear. Please do the same as you recommended for me. It’s all to easy to get burned out and as you said, taken for granted. Love you too! xx 💖

  2. Your abilities never cease to amaze me. Please remember to take time out for yourself. You sometime forget to recharge. Let your spider senses do their thing. Your first instinct is right so don’t let them give you a fake sob story. Hugs and love.💚🍅

    • Love you sister. I’m getting better at the recharging thing, but you’re right, I do still forget sometimes. As for sob stories…isn’t it something how those get easier to distinguish as we get older? Thanks for the good advice. See you later-yay! Hugs and love right back. 💖🍅

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