Angel Wisdom Wednesday ~ May 25, 2016

The card for this week comes from the Guardian Angel Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno.



You do not need another’s approval to feel worthy of love. Regardless of what you’ve done, or what you think you’ve failed to do, from your soul’s perspective, there’s neither right nor wrong. Every experience in life is here to help you expand your awareness of love so that you may embrace ever greater spheres of wisdom. You’ve done nothing wrong.

This is one of those concepts which can be difficult to grasp. I still wrestle with it from time to time. When I think about the message on this card however, I can see the truth in that statement. Even our less than best moments provide opportunities from which we can learn more about drawing more love into ourselves and into our lives. While seeing where we may have done better is fine, spending much of our time beating ourselves up or feeling guilt does not help. What does help is to figure out how to handle things in a more loving way in the future.

The lessons that we learn in life are not meant to teach us to feel negative toward ourselves or even worse, to hate ourselves. They are all intended to bring us to the most loving versions of who we are. It is also important to remember that there are people who will attempt to induce guilt in you no matter what you do. The saying that what others think of you is none of your business is so true. Very little of what others think about us has anything to do with us at all, and the same is true of our feelings toward others. Love and kindness are what matter at the end of the day. There is also no guilt to be had when it comes to distancing ourselves from people and experiences which diminish our capacity for love and joy. Sometimes it is necessary for self preservation, for us and the other person. They may need an opportunity to have time on their own to sort through their own feelings. Regardless, it is not your job to be the repository for anyone’s negative thoughts or behaviors. There’s a difference between helping someone to grow and helping them to stay stuck.

4 thoughts on “Angel Wisdom Wednesday ~ May 25, 2016

  1. You’re always so wise. Guilt is a wasted emotion yet one I have the most problem with. I think that’s the same for most people. we are brought up not to deal with shame properly. Time to start listening to the angels!

    • Guilt has been my biggest challenge too Jules. Like anything else, it takes time and effort to retrain yourself. Still working on it but compared to even a few years ago, I’ve come a long way. You can do it too, I know it. Between you and the angels, you’ve got this. xx

  2. Being raised Catholic, guilt is a part of life. Even though I’m not Catholic anymore, I feel guilty about so many things and my mom loves to heap the guilt trips on me too.

    • I was raised Jehovah’s witness so I’m very familiar with religious based guilt. It definitely takes work to learn to stop and ask yourself if you’d expect anyone else to feel guilty for the same thing but gets easier with time. Believe in yourself JoJo. I do 💖

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