This Week’s Tarot Advice

I drew two cards this week. One yesterday and one Monday. I sat down to draw one to be posted for today and just knew that I needed to put links to the ones drawn earlier this week-for a few reasons-which I’ll get into shortly. First here is the link for Monday’s card. And here is the one for yesterday’s.

Now that you’re back from checking those out, I’ll explain why I’m expanding these two cards for the entire week. First without going into too much detail, there have been several conversations with others which have indicated the need to finally make a choice or decision about something-not to mention things which have been happening in my own experiences. As for my experiences, they continued until late in the day yesterday. So, these factors led me to start thinking that these cards are likely for the week as opposed to simply Monday and Tuesday.

The second thing which made it clear to me that these cards are a bit more far reaching than just a few days was a comment which was made about making decisions and taking actions during a mercury retrograde. While mercury retrograde is not the best time for new undertakings, they are perfect for revisiting issues.

Part of the interpretation of Monday’s card was, “These options may have been in front of you for a while, but the time has come to look at them with the eyes of your heart in order to dispel any confusion. It is time to pick one.”

Given what has been popping up for me as well as the things I’ve been hearing about from others, I’d say that those two cards are good for at least the rest of this week and perhaps longer as mercury will be in retrograde until May 22. Now is the perfect time to look at the decisions or conclusions which we’ve all been putting off for a while and get clear about what it is that we truly feel and desire-as well as what is actually a lot clearer than we may have been able or willing to see before.

Once we’ve had time to sit with these matters for a while and have decided what would be in our best interests, regardless of external opinions, the time has come to resolve some long standing issues in a more permanent and fulfilling way than has existed in a while. While parts of this process may be downright uncomfortable, taking this on at this time is definitely for our highest good.

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Tarot Advice

  1. I find decisions of the heart very difficult to make for the following reasons: They normally involve someone else (who could have different ideas to you) they are the most terrifying because they can emotionally buck you. However, you’re right that they have to be made and there is certainly a theme in your cards.

    • I was referring more to using what you know in your heart to be true for you in making decisions of most any kind. Yes, I agree that the ones involving other people are the most scary for the very reason that you listed. Personally, decisions of many kinds have not been my strong suit in the past. I tend to look at potential outcomes way too much, and also have had the issue of letting doubts and fears stand in the way.

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