Angel Wisdom Wednesday ~ April 27, 2016

The card for this week’s Angel Wisdom Wednesday is from the Guardian Angel Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno.


Healing- Listen to your heart. Love is the greatest healer. It has the capacity to balance and heal your emotions, thoughts and perceptions, which in turn will heal you physically. Your Angels are here with you, and will help dissolve your fears. Trust in the power of love to guide you, and your life will magically transform. This card is confirmation that healing is occurring right now. 

This message is always a timely one. Admittedly, it is very timely for me right now, for both myself and several people who are near and dear to me. I’m sure that is is for just about everyone reading this today too. At any given moment of our lives, most of us are either experiencing a health concern of our own and/or that of a loved one. Taking a moment to breathe deeply or still our minds to remember the power of love is so important. Knowing that we are never alone-that we are always accompanied by love and support…well, it truly is transformational.

Even in times when our physical bodies aren’t being healed, it is still within our reach to receive healing of our mind and spirit. Never lose hope, and never lose belief that anything is possible…always. We’ve all heard stories of miraculous healings which weren’t expected, which happened against all logical odds. Yet, they happen every day. While it doesn’t always happen…for reasons which are beyond our understanding…I fully believe in the potential of miracles and in the thought that love plays the lead role when miracles occur. As you go about your day and the week to come, make love a big focus, both within yourself, and remember to acknowledge the presence of it around all of us. Love truly is the most powerful force that exists.

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