#NaPoWriMo – Day 18 ~ #Sound of Home

Today’s prompt at NaPoWriMo is to write a poem with the sounds of home-the ways of speech and particular phrases that take you back in time.

As pap-pap took me by the hand, we crossed the road and stepped onto the dusty lane

Leading through the field of tall wildflowers which nodded a friendly hello in the breeze

There were days that we went there to fly one of his handmade kites, but not today

On this day which was hotter than a firecracker, we were headed to the crick to play

As we made our way down the slope leading to the water, pap-pap slid in the mud

I watched the scene play out as if it were in slow motion, with him going down

Into the water he splooshed with a wet thud, sitting in the shallow water for a minute

Before pushing himself up out of the muck muttering, son-ah-mah-bitch

He noticed the horrified look on my face and burst out laughing

In that deep, hearty belly laugh of his that could make the whole world laugh along

We swam and skipped rocks for hours, both of us playing like the child that I was

Avoiding the mud puppies that hid in their slimy lairs beneath the rocks at the edge

Finally we got out of the water and dug greens on the way back through the field

Later we’d be feasting on dandelions and wild beet greens with pap-pap’s polenta

The sauce with plump Italian sausages had been simmering all day

Handing the bag of greens of to mom, she took one look at my feet and said

Yoy-shish-ah-mahdia dirty fergie, if you even think of sitting at that table

I’ll pucky your goozie-get back outside and hose off those feet, then get in the shower

Later, we all gathered around the table slathering butter on fresh, hot bread

Feasting on so many greens that mom’s lips turned white from the vinegar

The grown-ups drinking glasses of deep red wine, while I sipped cherry Kool-Aid

The evening wound to an end with all of us on the porch serenaded by cricket song.





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