#NaPoWriMo – Day 17 ~ #Love Reborn

I’ll be back to (probably) following the prompts from NaPoWriMo tomorrow. For today, here’s another one straight from the heart.

Over time, the cloud of sorrow lifted from my heart

Making way for the golden light of happiness to filter in once more

You thought I’d never follow through with my promise

That the day would come that I’d have reached my limit of pain

The turmoil that you brought to my life lingered for far too long

But who is to say what the time limit is when it comes to mourning love lost

Or at least the mirage that I had created and ran with, as it were reality

Just know that now, you are but a memory that lives only in my mind

While my heart has been reclaimed to make way for one who is meant to be

The good times were great, and I’ll remember them with a smile

No room for sorrow or anger, only for a bygone love from another life

I am not the same girl as I was back then, but that is a gift

The naivety may be gone but my passion lives on

And that, I know, is the reason for our meeting

Not the ever after that I’d conjured out of sweet nothings

I thank you for paving the way for my heart to know the difference

Between truth and smokescreens, allowing me to be more ready than ever

For an expression of  my passion that will fall into the depths of love

Which is like a river that flows in two directions and is without end

Not a mythical thing at all-simply a thing to be found by a heart mended and true.


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