#NaPoWriMo – Day 16 ~ #Stardust

Finally over the halfway point of National Poetry Writing Month. I am not following the prompt today due to being away from the computer this weekend, but if you wish to see what it was click here.

Looking into his eyes is like looking into the depths of the galaxy

Filled with secrets untold and more than a smattering of stardust

The warmth of his hand as it envelops mine radiates through my body

As if standing next to a bonfire on a chilly Autumn night

Such softness and strength in one person is enough to shatter my heart

Exploding into millions of heart shaped bits of confetti

Celebrating that at last, at last he has arrived

From my pen, to the ears of the Universe I write this missive

Knowing that he is out there somewhere, looking for me

Just as I seek for him, not knowing where in time and space he is

I trust with my entire being that we will unite someday

When the time is right for the connection to take place

Until then I forge ahead, knowing that each step leads me there.

2 thoughts on “#NaPoWriMo – Day 16 ~ #Stardust

    • Sure Jules! Glad to. Glad you liked it. Those eyes would be ever so dreamy wouldn’t they? Haha okay, I’ll add “hot brother for Jules to the list”.

      Yay! Just let me know when you have something in mind. ❤ xx

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