Angel Wisdom Wednesday ~ April 13, 2016

The cards used for Angel Wisdom Wednesday are the Guardian Angel Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno.

This week’s card is Creativity:


We, your angelic messengers, are here to help unleash the endless creative potential that you possess. Listen to the whispers of love inside your heart as we communicate with you through feeling and emotion. Let go of fear and apprehension, and express the endless source of creativity you possess. Have fun and allow the inner child within you to express your true essence. All is valid.

The key word in this card is love. Not only does love unlock our creativity, but everything in life. Our angels communicate with us using the language of love, using feeling and emotion, to gently guide us toward expression. We are encouraged to be childlike in conveying our message to the world through creativity. There is a difference between childish and childlike. This card is letting us know that it is okay to drop our fears and insecurities so that we can communicate from our very core.

Allow love to be your guide.

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