#NaPoWriMo – Day 9 ~ Don’t Make Me Say It

Well, the prompt today at NaPoWriMo is to include a line that you’re afraid to write. Umm-gulp-okay. This really is scary, but I’m going to say it. This poem is a response to those who have scathingly asked why I wasn’t “normal” or implied that I was inferior, all while I was the one doing the work that no one else wanted to do. I went above and beyond a single line on this and feel a bit nervous about it, but I figured-why not.

Why I Can’t Be Normal

If I had but a single red cent for each time I was shamed and blamed for being me

It’s safe to say that my monetary riches would surpass your wildest dreams

How easy it was for all of you to sit on your thrones of misery casting judgement

About things that you knew nothing about because you chose not to

If you acknowledged my needs, my humanity-what would be in it for you?

Throwing stones that did worse than break bones-while saying that you loved me

With each and every jarring hit that came, you declared my inferiority

As you continued to use and abuse my body and soul for your own gains

Some of you still roam this world, while others have passed to the next

Let it be known that the jig is up, and that I know the truth

Your judgements had little to do with me and I give them back

For you to work on from within-to figure out why you felt the need

To hurt me so deeply that the scars will always be there

I’ve always been far from perfect, as we all are

My biggest flaw when it came to all of you was caring too much

What you thought, what you needed, why I was never enough

While scars last forever, life can flourish after the wounds have healed

Your power over me has been revoked, not out of hatred for you but for love of me

My choice is to let it all go, to let you go-in peace

If you wonder where I am, know that I’m walking in the sunshine

Otherwise known as self respect and dignity which I now know I’ve always deserved

May you climb down someday from your self imposed prisons of better than thou

To find how much better and brighter love is-how much less heavy the load to bear

Until then, I’ll still be sending love from my heart to yours, from a safe distance

Dancing in the moonlight, playing in the stream, being just as weird as I’ve always been.

6 thoughts on “#NaPoWriMo – Day 9 ~ Don’t Make Me Say It

  1. Birds of a feather and all that stuff. I can’t say that I know exactly what you went through, but know this is why I love you so very very much. For having the nerve to say ENOUGH! Even though some of them have passed, they know.

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