NaPoWriMo ~ Day 2

The optional prompt posted at NaPoWriMo today is to create a family portrait.


Skin darkened and hands callused from a life working in the sun

Swinging a hammer during the week and chopping weeds on weekends

Hard at work erecting homes for doctors and chickens alike

Swinging that hoe to keep the weeds at bay so that tomatoes could flourish

Moving from task to task while the daylight lasts

Now and then a treat for the kids in the form of a quiet evening ride

Whooshing past farmland with fields glowing with magical firefly light

Sometimes loading fishing poles in the back of the truck on weekends

The family sitting by the creek all day catching fish and eating a picnic

On most nights a quiet presence, sitting silently in front of the TV

With a can of beer cradled in those callused hands before turning in at nine


Beautiful dark hair, skin made olive by the sun and eyes the color of dark chocolate

Days spent tending home, kids and garden tirelessly

Picking and canning bushels of vegetables, collecting eggs, cleaning house, cooking meals

Finding moments to make things pretty by painting walls and changing decor

On summer days, taking a break for a picnic in the yard or blowing bubbles

Sometimes a walk to the creek to play or into the woods to forage for wild plants

In the cold Winter, the easel and paints would come out to create beauty

The record player blaring Lynn Anderson and Connie Francis

At the end of a long day  she’d go into the bedroom to change clothes and put on make-up

Coming out looking like an Italian Goddess, to put dinner on the table for “her Elvis”

Sometimes waiting for hours as dinner grew cold, tears gathering in silken eyes

Dinner ruined and make-up faded long before her Elvis had left the bar


Bell bottom jeans, cool high wedge shoes, and shimmery eye shadow

Bedroom scented with incense and the air filled with the songs of Chicago

From her awesome clothes and make-up to her peach powder she was a hero

Her room a refuge on those nights when their dad came home late

Dresser lined with bottles of perfume and tubes of lip gloss

Blocking out the arguing with music and laughter

She’d let her little sister style her hair and give her a makeover

Dancing by candlelight and singing along with the stereo

Until mom would knock on the door to take her sister to her own room

One day she left to try to make a better life for herself

She looked beautiful in her white dress and veil

Many years of difficult trials lay ahead, but she handled them all

Until one day she found peace, the life she desired and deserved


Staying out all night, coming home hungover or still stoned

Getting into fights with mom and dad, throwing chairs

Yelling, screaming, the door slamming as he left again

Stealing to get his next fix and staying away as much as he could

Many terrible things were said and done in his attempt to drown out his fears

The voices, the terrors, the desire to fit in but unable to do so

He eventually found his own way to live which many don’t understand

He has found a safe place where the voices are kept at bay

A peaceful place where horses run in a nearby meadow, soothing his soul


A little girl, much younger was sensitive and afraid of many things

The people in her room that her parents told her weren’t real

Even though she could still see them, she ignored them in fear

Better to keep it to herself than be scoffed at or told she was in league with the devil

Content to stay in her own world of books and the woods

It was easier and more fun to be there than to hear the yelling and see the tears

Gleeful during the times of laughter and play, when things felt calm

Yearning for more of those times, but eventually learning that they weren’t coming

Notebooks full of poetry and stories filled her room

Inspired by time spent outdoors watching the animals scampering

Lying on the ground observing the clouds floating by dreamily

Hours and hours with her nose in a book, getting lost in the adventures within

A bit of a nerd, she enjoyed learning and even liked homework

Today accepting her talents and gifts instead of fearing them

Surrounded by who and what she loves, her imagination soars

That still sensitive and tender heart is filled with the love she had long feared













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