Make A Wish

When thinking about bringing our dreams to life, a key part of making this happen is the spirit in which we pursue it. Often, what we believe or disbelieve about an outcome is exactly what happens…positive or negative. As a dear friend of mine said the other day…like attracts like.

Yes, it is true that we do not get everything that we ask for. At times, even when we do get what we ask for, it comes about in a different way than we had imagined. Though it might seem hard to believe, when things are difficult, we are still very much loved. Sometimes what love does is help us to make it through our trials with more ease, without taking the trial away. We often think that if someone were listening to our prayers or wishes, that everything we request should be delivered.

Deep in our hearts, we know that having our requests met isn’t the same as being loved. A good example would be to think of a young child who is asking to climb out onto a steep roof to look at the sky. Out of love, we would tell the child no. They may feel as though we are being mean to them or denying them a fair request, when in reality we are saying no because we love them too much to allow them to risk injury or worse.

Sometimes though, we do get what we ask for, and in the past few weeks, I have been seeing real results from practicing more trust in the universe when it comes to manifesting wonderful things. What I’ve been learning is that when I ask for what I need and desire without having concrete expectations of how it is going to look-well, that’s when great things happen. When we simply practice gratitude for the things which we desire coming to us, without thinking about how unlikely it might seem, it really is more likely to come to pass. That voice of doubt that lives in all of us has the power to turn into self fulfilling prophecy. The opposite is also true.

This type of thought change doesn’t happen overnight, and I realize that. Hell, I lived in a place of doubt and fear for a few decades. When I write pieces like this, it isn’t me being preachy or passing judgement on anyone. The reason that I share what I learn and see is to encourage those of you who are going through a difficult time. I’ve been there, and I do what I do because I know how hard it can be to break old patterns. If you do not agree with me, there’s no offense taken. If you don’t believe that the things that I’m writing about can happen to you, there’s no offense taken there either (but it is my wish that someday you will believe that you deserve for good things to happen and that it is possible).

When you read what I write here, please do not feel as though you have to defend your position which may be different than mine. It is your right to feel differently. If it is your belief that I am completely wrong, that’s perfectly okay with me too. My words are meant to encourage you to keep on trying if you are seeking more peace and contentment within yourself and share tips that have worked in my life or in the lives of people that I know. Your ways may be different than mine which is perfect…because if it works for you, that’s the goal. Your experiences with how you’ve created and manifested positive change could inspire others and me too, so please feel free to share them here or on the Facebook page.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!




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