The Magic of Love

Before those of you who know me get too excited-nope, I haven’t met someone. Don’t feel sorry for me. I assure you that I’m happy with things the way that they are in that respect right now. Okay, I will admit that I’ve had the desire to have company lately, as there have been moments that my solitary lifestyle have been a little too solitary for my liking. So, I’ve asked an old acquaintance from a stitch and bitch group that I used to attend to help me to get a roommate…of the feline persuasion. She is connected with a few of the local shelters and has fostered several sweet kitties, so when I thought of a new friend, she was the first person who came to mind. Luckily for me, she is more than happy to be of assistance. As soon as I’m a little further along in my healing process, I’ll be contacting her and it won’t be too long. When it happens, I’ll be sure to take a few photos and introduce my new addition. So if this isn’t about finding new romantic love…what is it about?

It is about the very real magic that comes from love in all its forms. Lately, the concept of love has been a very big and very real part of my life experience. Without telling stories which aren’t mine, I wish to say that this post is largely inspired by a few dear people who have taught me more about love than I could imagine. The past few weeks have been among the most emotionally challenging and inspiring times that I can remember. Honestly, the challenges have been fairly steady for the past few years.

However, the challenges are not the focus…not for this post…and not in my heart. A lesson which has been slowly taking hold in my life has turned into a crash course in recent times…and a switch has been irrevocably flipped. The lesson is that love truly is the most powerful force that exists. It has the power to get us through tough times, to turn the tides which sometimes feel as though they will sweep us away, to take a really shitty day and help us to find something positive in it…no matter how small.

More than ever, I find myself choosing to walk in love, even when things within me or around me aren’t easy. What I’ve discovered, with the help of special people and life lessons is that when I choose love…what seems like a bad time becomes something which can be transcended, or at least walked through with more ease. There are those who walk among us who handle life which so much grace that you can’t help but be inspired to take up the mantle.

Trust me, I am well aware that life is nothing short of damned hard at times and I’m not telling you that you need to be happy about that. The particular school of thought that we can magically think things better has never been my style and likely never will be. This isn’t about that. It’s about the way that we decide to travel our path when the going gets rough. Whether we choose to find a gentle way of traversing our trials in which we remember the presence of love…or we take each step kicking and screaming…it isn’t going to make something un-happen or for words to be un-spoken or necessarily for things to be made well again.

What happens when we remember love is that we change the state of our minds, hearts, and spirits. To make it simple, think about having a bad cold. Now, think about your approach to the cold. If you decide to dwell on how crappy you feel and go about the day thinking of your misery…inevitably you find yourself snowballing from feeling bad from the cold to being in a completely foul mood on top of it…which does nothing to help. If you decide to acknowledge the cold and remember love by taking care of yourself and indulging in a little pampering in whatever form you choose… you still have the cold, but find your day taking on a feeling of more relaxed ease. This is what love does.

Oh yeah, I know that remembering the love when you have a cold is a lot simpler than remembering it in other situations. The effect however, is the same. Not only does remembering love change the overall feel of our lives, it truly is magic. How so? Love heals wounds of the body and spirit. It has been shown to have very tangible effects on our physical bodies. When the physical body simply cannot be repaired, love has the magical ability to teach us and those around us that love is what matters. The best way that I can think of to sum this up simply, in a way that makes sense is this:

Everything in this physical life of ours is temporary. Things change from minute to minute. Jobs come and go. Relationships begin and end. People get sick, and sometimes they get better…and sometimes they don’t. The magic of love is that it never dies. Love lives forever, and has way more power than any other force that exists. What could be more magical than that?

We feel what we need to feel…that is part of our humanity and it isn’t a shameful thing. There comes a time however, when that feeling presents an opportunity…a choice…to walk in love and allow it to transform us and those around us with the power of the most profound beauty and grace imaginable. Of course the choice to go in the other direction is always there. That’s free will baby.

As a result of the events, lessons, and experiences of the past few years and especially recent history…I’ve decided to throw the gates open and issue an invitation to the magic. What you decide is up to you and there is no judgement from me. Just know that even when we choose to ignore it…love is still there. Many think that it walks away from them…when the opposite is true…it is always waiting right there for us…the most loyal companion ever.



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